Chris Brown Loses Probation After Nightclub Shooting, But It's Not For the Reason You Think — REPORT

This is some unfortunate news for Chris Brown, although I suppose I would find it more unfortunate if it hadn't been his own fault. Generally, that is my attitude when most bad things happen to Brown, but this one is particularly ironic. In recent months, Brown has seemed like a magnet for trouble even when he himself was not involved in, or the cause of, said trouble. Sure, sometimes he's to blame, like when he accused ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran of cheating on him with Drake on Instagram (and, later, apologized), but other times, as in the shooting near the nightclub the singer was at, he had nothing to do with it. However, that didn't stop Brown's probation from being revoked by a judge on Thursday — for a very silly reason.

Don't worry. Brown isn't catching hell for the shooting. According to PEOPLE, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin had already determined that the singer had nothing to do with the shooting itself. No, the reason that Brown's probation was revoked was because "Brown violated a provision that barred him from leaving Los Angeles County" to go to the nightclub where the shooting took place to begin with. There's being in the wrong place at the wrong time and there's ignoring your probation to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Brown is suffering the consequences here.


E! Online makes the whole situation worse by pointing out that Brown was only eight days away from finishing up his probation following his assault of ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. He was keeping his head down, completing his community service hours, following the rules, and passing his drug tests. The singer was literally thiiiiiiis close to being in the clear — and now he's put himself back in hot water by going to perform at a nightclub where a shooting just happened to take place. Luckily for Team Breezy, he hasn't actually been taken into custody. At least, not yet. He does, however, have a follow-up court date scheduled for March 20.

In the meantime, the judge is having Brown's parole officers look into the nightclub incident to make sure that the singer wasn't involved in any shenanigans other than going to San Jose without permission and not completing his community service hours on time. Whether his March court date will see Brown returning to jail to make more dance videos still remains to be seen, but it's sad how easily this all could have been avoided.

Image: Getty Images