Idina Menzel Will Sing the National Anthem at the 2015 Super Bowl & No, We Can't "Let It Go"

EVERYONE DROP WHAT YOU'RE DOING. If you're like me, the Super Bowl holds very little, if any, excitement for you. I don't like football, and I'm even less interested in the fact that Katy Perry will be performing during the Halftime Show. Pretty much, the Super Bowl, for me, is one of several times a year I can't get my parents to stop watching television long enough to pay attention to the fact that I'm in the room. However, it looks like I'm going to have to take my Super Bowl hate and let it go because Idina Menzel is singing the National Anthem this year. I repeat: Adele Dazeem is singing at the Super Bowl this year. Feel free to scream.

It was Menzel herself who tweeted the news on Friday morning, while many of us were in the middle of our coffees and breakfasts and not expecting this level of awesomeness to punch us in the face. Of course, a simple declaration of her intent to sing the National Anthem wasn't enough, oh no. Menzel accompanied her tweet with an image containing a heartwarming message about Whitney Houston, displaying not only her excitement to be going to the Super Bowl but also displaying what a huge Whitney Houston fangirl she is.

Thanks to Menzel, I imagine this will be one of the first years that parents and children will all be willingly sitting down in front of the television to tune into the ceremony. After all, what child can resist hearing Elsa from Frozen belt out the National Anthem as if she lived right here in America with us rather than in the mythical kingdom of Arendelle? About the only thing that could make this better for kids is if Kristen Bell was available to sing back-up during the National Anthem — although I suppose Katy Perry could be saving that for the Halftime Show. Fingers crossed, and get ready for a real performance.

Image: Rebloggy