Rihanna & Sarah Jessica Parker Are Designing New "It" Bags You Can Feel Good About

In the '90s, rapper LL Cool J waxed poetic about his "around the way girl" who rocked "a Fendi bag and a bad attitude!" Well, two decades later, those Fendi bags are still coveted and are indicators of high style. The 3Baguette handbag, which was introduced at the tail end of last year, is getting a major boost and for a good cause. Fendi has enlisted celebs to design their own 3Baguette. The brand invited trendsetters and influencers like Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker, who are universally regarded as fashion Holy Grails, to customize the bag for charity with their own flair and flourishes. Jourdan Dunn, Rachel Feinstein, and Leandra Medine also participated in the design-a-3Baguette initiative.

So, yeah, these personalized, celeb-done bags will earn instant cult or "It" status, but you will likely need a billion space bucks to afford one. Fendi bags are already pricy. Add the element of celeb customization and you're looking at a primo price tag. But we can dream, can't we?

The 3Baguette's design is fresh, thanks to its shape, which is structured, and the double F logo was transformed into a lock, swapping out decoration for function.

Fendi on YouTube

The celebs were given total control of their customized versions, choosing their own colors and infusing the bag with personal taste and touches.

RiRi, SJP, and Feinstein pulled double duty and even designed micro versions, because of course they did.

Also, each designer selected a charity of her choice for which the proceeds from the bag sales will benefit. Rihanna chose her own global The Clara Lionel Foundation, while Parker picked The Brain Trauma Foundation. Dunn's designs will support The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. Feinstein's charity of choice is the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center, and Medine is donating to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. These are all good causes, of course, and remind the world that fashion isn't frivolous in a much nicer way than, say, how Miranda Priestly schooled Andy Sachs about cerulean in The Devil Wears Prada.


The bags will have their grand bow at a cocktail party at new Fendi outpost on Madison Avenue in NYC on February 13. The leather fingerless glove-wearing silver fox Karl Lagerfeld will tear himself away from hanging with Justin Bieber to host the festivities.

The celeb-designed bags will be displayed at the store from February 13 through March 13. They will be available for purchase at a 3Baguette auction site launching later this month. The site, launch3baguetteauction.fendi.com, is not yet live, but you may want to store that link so you can either gawk at the bags or throw caution to the wind and pony up a year's worth of rent payments to get one!

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jerry Hall, and others participated in a similar project for the Peekaboo handbag last year.

Images: Fendi (1)