Idina Menzel Will Be a Great Super Bowl National Anthem Performer & It Has Nothing to Do With Her Voice

This is not a drill. On Feb. 1, the millions of Americans who tune in to watch the Super Bowl will be graced with Idina Menzel's beautiful voice singing the national anthem. If you're unfamiliar with Menzel, she voiced Elsa in Frozen and has starred in Broadway shows such as If/Then and Wicked. Menzel posted the happy news herself on her Twitter page Friday morning.

It should come as little surprise that Menzel was given such an honor to make her Super Bowl debut, following other high-profile singers like Alicia Keys and Beyoncé. After all, as we've heard from her songs in films, Broadway shows, and her own albums, she undoubtedly has the pipes for the job and can belt out notes when needed. "The Star-Spangled Banner" is a famously difficult song to sing, so Americans need to hear someone with strong vocals who can carry out a tune — we need someone who can't "let it go" in that respect.

But talent isn't the only thing that viewers will be looking for in the national anthem performance. What they're also looking for is respect for the song and a sense of humbleness from the performer, as opposed to a singer who makes the performance too showy or all about them rather than about pride for the country. And as evidenced the tweet Menzel posted on Friday, that's exactly what she'll bring to the biggest football game of the year.

In the tweet, not only does she show that she understands the significance of performing our country's anthem by saying how honored she is, but she also shouts out the late, great Whitney Houston, whose rendition is considered nothing less than iconic. The fact that Menzel gave credit where credit is due to a singer that came before her is especially admirable, considering the post could have easily been just about her and her happy news. This shows that she's taking the job seriously and knows what a big deal it is that she has the opportunity to follow in an icon like Houston's footsteps.

More importantly, her announcement shows that although she'll probably steal the show before the game even begins, she won't make the performance too glitzy or all about herself, but rather, for everyone watching — a reported 111.5 million people tuned in to last year's game. So this will undoubtedly be a treat for the millions who will surely tune in this year. Even if football is not really your thing, this is one pre-show not to miss!