11 Inspiring Harry Styles' Quotes, Because This Guy Knows What's Important in Life

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While he's primarily known for his singing talent and ability to steal fans' hearts at his One Direction shows, Harry Styles is also a pretty quotable person. Whether it's through bold feminist messages that he shares with the public like his support of the "He For She" campaign, or sweet, heartwarming perspectives on love, Styles is definitely not shy about speaking his mind. And hey, it's a good thing to be open to your fans, especially if you have important things to say about gender equality and finding the right person to ultimately share your life with.

But wait, it gets better. Harry's even more than a feminist, lover, and One Direction singer. In many interviews, Styles has also proven himself as a great source of inspiration to fans as well, in regard to important topics like work ethic, surrounding yourself with positive people who will lift you up, and loving what you do, among other things. Take a glance through the slideshow to see some of Styles' most inspiring quotes from the past few years. And here's hoping more will come soon!

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