Harry's Best Feminist Moments

by Nicole Pomarico

Say what you want about One Direction and the fact that I'm disproportionately in love with them for my age, but there's no denying that they're a group of really solid, really nice guys, and their upbeat, poppy music is ridiculously fun for dancing, driving, and doing just about anything else to. But there's more to it than that — especially where Harry Styles is concerned. Regardless of the slightly sexist undertones their single, "Steal My Girl," may have taken, Styles is all for the empowerment of women. Harry Styles is a self-proclaimed feminist, and although that adorable face is a close second, that's the number one reason I love him.

If you didn't know any better and had only heard their singles that hit radio airwaves, I'd understand if you didn't understand how this is possible. But anyone who has had the pleasure (or made the mistake) of handing their life over to One Direction knows that anytime the band is together in an interview, Styles is always the one who reels his bandmates, and occasionally the interviewer, back in should anyone say anything untoward about women. It's easy to see that he truly does believe in equality between men and women, and isn't that all any of us are asking for?

In case you aren't sure about this whole Harry Styles is a feminist thing, let's take a journey. It's like I can feel your mind changing already!

When Styles Supported #HeForShe

One of the most epically feminist moments this year was Emma Watson's incredible UN speech, where she called for all men to join the feminist fight out of respect for the girls and women in their lives. Styles was quick to join in, share his photo and message on Twitter, and encourage his fans to do the same.

When Styles told Niall Horan the Truth About Stifler

While promoting their 3D concert movie, This is Us, Styles and fellow One Direction member Niall Horan did a series of press interviews, and one of them happened to involve the game where the interviewer offers a word and Horan and Styles had to give their opinion. When Stifler from American Pie came up, Horan immediately called him legendary, only for Styles to make him eat his words. "He objectifies women, Niall, is what he is," Styles told him. Zing.

And Speaking of Objectifying Women...

In a different interview, Styles was asked if there was a dibs system in place in case he and his bandmates liked the same girl. Much to my delight, Styles was offended. "We feel like that objectifies women," Styles said. "And that's not really what we're about."

And Then There's "Girl Almighty"

Forget about "Steal My Girl." If you haven't heard "Girl Almighty" from One Direction's latest album, Four, listen to it now! The song is basically a feminist's dream, as One Direction is basically glorifying an all-powerful woman. "Let's have another toast to the girl almighty," indeed.

Images: isobelstevenz/Tumblr (2)