Jennifer Aniston Reacts To Oscar Snub With A Graceful Statement About Supporting Other Women — VIDEO

On Thursday, the 2015 Oscar nominees were announced. As exciting as it is to see who might be taking home an Academy Award, we also, sadly, now know who got snubbed. One actress who didn't receive a nom was Jennifer Aniston for her role in Cake . Many who thought Aniston deserved recognition experienced a range of emotions, including shock, anger, and confusion. But, how does Aniston feel about her Oscar snub? We've been waiting patiently to hear from the talented actress, and now she has finally reacted to herself.

During the 2015 Critics' Choice Awards, Aniston opened up to Access Hollywood and said,

I'd be lying if there wasn't a little [aw], but after that there's a lot of, "but look at tonight, look at the Globes, look at the SAGs!" We're an embarrassment of wonderful riches [for] a movie that hasn't even been released and is teensy tiny. This is all just cherries on top of something that was really special to us. So we're really excited.

So graceful, right? I really didn't expect anything less from Aniston. She's so appreciative for all of her other nominations, being honored, and having a film that means so much to her getting recognition.

Her awesomeness doesn't end there, as she also told Access Hollywood,

[Reese Witherspoon] sent me such a sweet email, as did Julianne [Moore]. They are all amazing women, but you know, we're all rooting for each other and it doesn't take away the work that was done. So it's really, really nice.

And she just became even more phenomenal. She doesn't look at her Oscar snub as a bad thing, because all of these other women are being honored for their talents. Like Aniston says, it's about women uniting and promoting one another, which we should be doing every day in all areas of life.