7 Reasons Idina Menzel & John Legend Should Join Katy Perry's Halftime Show If She Really Wants to Blow Our Minds

When the news broke that Idina Menzel will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, the musical parts of our brain went into overdrive. What if Idina Menzel and John Legend stuck around for the Halftime Show? John Legend is singing "America the Beautiful" before the game starts as well. They should definitely make a surprise appearance in Katy Perry's performance, right? Would that be the weirdest, or the greatest thing to ever happen in football history? I'm thinking the latter for sure. It would cross genres. It would freak out Twitter. Hey, maybe Common will be there as well. He and John Legend have been on a Selma victory tour at different events and awards ceremonies. It's not out of the question. This could unexpectedly be the best show of 2015, and not just because it'll only be February.

Even if they just all joined together to close the show with a rousing mash-up of "Ordinary People" and "Seasons Of Love," I think my inner teenager might swoon. Which is sort of what Perry is all about, so it fits. These four artists (we didn't forget you, Lenny Kravitz) may seem super different in musical style and audience, but they're not all that polarizing. Menzel and Perry could easily trade places for a day. "Take Me Or Leave Me" was basically just an earlier version of "I Kissed A Girl," right?

Maybe don't answer that. Here are seven more reasons why this is the collaboration you never knew you needed.

1. Idina Menzel is Really A Pop Diva At Heart

veronicamae1 on YouTube

Like, have you seen Rent? Do you remember that cat outfit? Have you listened to Andrew Lippa's Wild Party? OK, the latter is less likely, but my point stands. Idina Menzel may be best known for playing misunderstood anti-heroines in Disney and on Broadway, but she's always been a party girl waiting to happen. Listen to the song "Life Of the Party" above. It's like, musical theatre's version of Ke$ha.

2. You Know Katy Perry Has A Dorky Side

How much do you wanna bet that Katy Perry, who grew up listening to gospel music, totally snuck into her room to overplay a Phantom of the Opera cassette tape? I think she would be just as thrilled to let Menzel "Roar" with her as we would be to hear it.

3. The Chrissy Teigen Of It All

More, please!

4. The Medleys Would Be Out Of This World

The Kennedy Center on YouTube

Think about it. Strip down Perry with some Legend piano and Menzel harmonies? It would be the greatest thing since Lady Gaga and Tony Bennet's weird BFF life. Perry's "Part of Me" versus Frozen's "Let It Go," anybody?

5. John Mayer Would Probably Hate This

Which means it's gotta happen.

6. Lenny Kravitz Would Be Totally Into It

Just because I think he's pretty much up for anything.

7. Elsa Needs These Production Values

Perry's shows are always way over the top, and that's exactly what Menzel and Legend have always deserved. It would be like fire and ice, literally!

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