Will 'Charlie Hebdo' Affect Paris Couture Week?

Well this is some disheartening news. Page Six has reported that Paris Couture Week might be a little emptier this season following the tragic Charlie Hebdo massacre that occurred in France last week. Fashion editors and celebrity front row regulars are allegedly wary of traveling to the city after the deadly attack on the satirical newspaper and the hostage situation that unfolded afterwards.

While there are no concrete details on who will and who won't be attending the collections, which begin showing on January 25th, Page Six has said that, "We’re hearing fewer fashion editors and clients will be making the journey to France for the upcoming shows, which include Chanel, Versace, Christian Dior and Valentino." It's certainly hard to imagine top dogs like Anna Wintour missing the couture collections, but I wouldn't be surprised if fewer A-listers made the journey due to security concerns.

“Security is going to be tough, and with tensions so high, I’d skip,” an anonymous "fashion insider" told Page Six.

The recent terrorist attacks are certainly heartbreaking and I can understand trepidation when it comes to traveling to the region, but I'm not sure the right response from foreigners is to stay away from one of Paris's major yearly events. Safety comes first, naturally, but security is sure to be heightened at airports and at the collections themselves. The couture shows seem like a prime time for the international fashion community to give France some much-needed love.


Still, the French government has warned that accomplices from the attacks may still be on the run, making the idea of heading to Paris right now even more unnerving. Only time will tell if the couture shows are actually under-attended, but I hope the fashion world bands together to support France.

Images: Getty Images