35 Adorable Photos Of Celebrities Hanging Out With Even More Adorable Animals

If Googling photos of cute animals brightens your day, then these photos of your favorite celebrities snuggling up with their furry friends might just make your whole week. Don't believe me? Click through to see your fave stars hanging out with mankind's best friends and try not to break down in a fit of "Awwws!"

Image: Instagram/britneyspears

by Kaitlin Reilly


Here’s Britney Spears posing with either a bag of fluff or very tiny puppy. Unclear.

Image: Instagram/britneyspears


Demi Lovato’s napping buddy is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Image: Instagram/ddlovato


With a face that cute, how could Lovato not give her pal a treat?

Image: Instagram/ddlovato


Here’s T. Swift, chilling with Dr. Meredith Grey.

Image: Instagram/taylorswift


Ed Sheeran is BFFs with Kermit. (He’s a frog. Totally counts.)

Image: Instagram/teddysphotos


Glee’s Lea Michele snuggles up with her man and her cat friend.

Image: Instagram/msleamichele


Sunday snuggle time!

Image: Instagram/msleamichele


Cara Delevingne is obsessed with her bunny Cecil. (Because how could you not be?)

Image: Instagram/cecildelevingne


Rita Ora’s also a fan!

Image: Instagram/cecildelevingne


Oscar winner Jessica Chastain gets cozy with a piglet.

Image: Instagram/chastainiac


Ariana Grande may rock cat ears on the regular, but even she can hang with the dogs.

Image: Instagram/arianagrande


Ashley Benson’s pal Walter Gene really does look like a baby ewok.

Image: itsashbenzo/Instagram


Because why have one baby ewok when you can have TWO?!

Image: itsashbenzo/Instagram


Zayn Malik has an adorable little tiger to care for.

Image: Instagram/zaynmalik


Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder is a big fan of animals — here he is posed with his adopted pup Neitzche.

Image: Instagram/iansomerhalder


Somerhalder and girlfriend Nikki Reed hang out with their newest family member, kitty Sohalia.

Image: Instagram/iansomerhalder


For Katy Perry, heaven is a place on earth where there are lots of kittens.

Image: Instagram/katyperry


Shay Mitchell spent the New Year in Dubai, hanging out with this adorable cub.

Image: Instagram/shaym


Kellan Lutz is all about these huskies.

Image: Instagram/kellanlutz


AnnaSophia Robb makes a face with her pup Sir Ferguson.

Image: Instagram/annasophiarobb


Every country gal needs a pet pig, and Miley Cyrus is no exception.

Image: Instagram/annasophiarobb


John Legend adores his French bulldog Penny.

Image: Instagram/johnlegend


Shameless star Emmy Rossum has a lazy Sunday with her puppy pal.

Image: Instagram/emmyrossum


It’s not possible for Hilary Duff’s puppy Beau to get any cuter.

Image: Instagram/hilaryduff


Seriously. Just too cute.

Image: Instagram/hilaryduff


Vanessa Hudgens shows off her pout — and her pup — in this Instagram pic.

Image: Instagram/vanessahudgens


Lauren Conrad and her dog have matching hats. Life does not get better than this.

Image: Instagram/laurenconrad


Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco thanked God for her four-legged friends via this Instagram pic.

Image: Instagram/normancook


Vampire Diaries stars Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev attempt to take a bite out of this pup.

Image: Instagram/ninadobrev


Blake Lively shares a moment in front of the camera with this gorgeous Golden Retriever.

Image: Instagram/blakelively


Aww! Justin Bieber shares a sweet throwback picture of his late beloved dog, Sammy.

Image: Instagram/justinbieber


Miranda Kerr’s dog Frankie helps her get ready for events — or, at least, sits there oh-so-adorably.

Image: Instagram/mirandakerr


Twilight star Ashley Greene hung out with this dog while vacationing in Mexico.

Image: Instagram/ashleygreene


Lena Dunham smizes for the camera while snuggled up with adorable pup.

Image: Instagram/lenadunham


James Franco’s friend is named Little Wolf. Cutest name ever? Quite possibly.

Image: Instagram/jamesfrancotv