Nicole Richie's New 'Do Might Be Her Best Yet

Guys, guys, guys, I'm about to make your Friday. Ready? Nicole Richie dyed her hair! What? You're not excited? Let's try that again... Nicole Richie dyed her hair aquamarine! Okay, so maybe you need to see it to get on my level. But trust me — once you see it, you will become a believer and forget all about that time she went purple and made us fall in love with lavender locks.

The former star of The Simple Life has classed up her act in a big way over the past decade or so, moving from tacky party girl to seriously chic style icon as she began designing her own jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960, and distancing herself from former bestie Paris Hilton. In recent months, Riche has become especially memorable for her wild (and highly original) dye jobs. It all started with the aforementioned violet-hued hair. Then she moved on to midnight blue. Now, the designer has debuted a new aquamarine bob and let me tell you: It. Looks. Fabulous.

Although the Daily Mail has declared that the bright hairstyle is just a wig, I honestly don't even care. It's bold and trendy and amazing either way. Besides, this isn't the first time Nicole faked us out before taking the plunge — remember when she Photoshopped an old photo of herself to make it look like she had purple hair before going ahead and dyeing it shortly after?

This could be the start of some majorly attention-grabbing strands.

Colorful locks have quickly become one of Richie's signatures and I personally think the look elevates her style to a whole new level of awesome. Sure, her outfits are great and would be cool even if she went au naturale in the hair department. But kooky colors take her trendy ensembles and make them totally unforgettable.

Keep up the stylish work, Nicole!