Where To Get 'Charlie Hebdo' In English, Wherever You Are

The newest issue of Charlie Hebdo has created a demand far exceeding supply, forcing the newspaper to issue a second printing for a total of five million copies. Earlier this week, I explained where you can find past and present copies of the newspaper — albeit, not in English. But not everybody is fluent in French, so a market has opened for foreign language editions, particularly English-language copies of Charlie Hebdo .

With increased interest in an English translation, The New York Post reported that an app is scheduled to be released — reportedly Friday, but the app hasn't appeared yet. It's believed to cost around $3.50.

According to Foreign Policy, more copies will be available on iPhones, iPads, Window's computers, and Android tablets (though not Android phones). Once downloaded, users will be able to turn on optional translation pop-ups in English, Spanish, and Arabic. Unfortunately, the digital edition might be stalled; the staffer who oversaw online presence was seriously injured in the attack.

I went to the Charlie Hebdo website, which directed me to French iTunes. This, in turn, confirmed that the English version has yet to be released — French is listed as the only language — but it's likely you will be able to find it via the site soon.

And even if an English app hasn't yet launched, you can still check out English translations of some of the controversial covers of the publication courtesy of The Daily Beast.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's another way you can brush up on French political satire. A more expansive project has been launched — Understanding Charlie Hebdo Cartoons — where visitors to the site are shown images of select cartoons, followed by a translation and explanations of the cartoon's symbols. Should you still have any confusion, the site goes offers a play-by-play of the satire used by the cartoonists.

For English speakers who want to support Charlie Hebdo, the wait continues. But in the meantime, options exists for you examine the work that Charlie Hebdo cartoonists lost their lives for.

Images: Getty Images (2), Understanding Charlie Hebdo Cartoons