Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart Tell Old Jokes In 'Get Hard' Trailer — VIDEO

"This isn't the kind of racial commentary we need right now," I thought to myself while watching the new trailer for Get Hard . In the film, Will Ferrell plays James King, a man sentenced to a 10-year stay in a maximum security prison. Before he's locked up, he offers to pay Darnell Lewis, Kevin Hart's character, to teach him how to "get hard" for prison. King assumes that Lewis has been to prison, which Lewis goes along with for the money.

King's racist idiocy is the butt of the joke, but when racism is still a life or death matter, I'm not sure how funny it is. Ferrell would have a hard time pulling off total bigotry — he's too lovable — and I'm sure he is redeemed at the end of the movie, bonding with Hart's character, after having a falling out of some sort. I would also like to point out that this film about black stereotypes was written and directed by white men. That said, trailers don't always provide an accurate view of a movie, and I don't want to judge this one too prematurely.

I'll have to wait for the release on March 23 to hopefully see just how wrong I am about this film.

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Image: Warner Bros.