Is The 'Eye Candy' Stalker & Killer A Character You Already Know? We're Getting Very Suspicious

MTV takes on thrills and chills with its new TV show Eye Candy, when a young woman (Lindy) finds herself being stalked by a pretty terrifying unknown person. Within the span of one episode (spoilers ahead), one sister went missing, one blind date was killed, and one boyfriend was murdered, and I don't think I'm crazy to say that these are all connected, right? Either that or Lindy — played by Victoria Justice — is an incredibly unlucky girl, and her friends should GTFO of her life as soon as possible. And even though we are still at the very beginning of the series' run, I don't think it's too soon to start thinking about who Lindy's Eye Candy stalker is, and who the serial killer is, because chances are, they're the same person.

Here's what we know about the stalker (or at least the voiceover stalker in the show): He or she is looking for perfection. Stalker asks if Lindy is "the ideal," and also killed a woman for lying about having straight teeth on her dating profile (did she lie about that? Or did she just not put it under "About me?"). Being realistic, the stalker — if it is only one person — would have to be wise/ strong enough to overtake Ben in Lindy's apartment and get him to the roof to kill him. So who could it be? Well, after Harvey Guillen, George, said that the cast was told the killer could be any one of them, I'm thinking we already know who the killer is!


The quick version of why it could be Sophia, Lindy's best friend, is that she hated Ben, and now Ben is dead. Also, the video of her being stalked by the killer was fake, which would have been easy for her to play a part in staging. She would probably have to have an accomplice, but she seems to be pretty connected... after all, this young woman owns a flower shop turned-night club.


George is a genius with computers and if there's anything Lindy can't do, George can. Who better to be the stalker than the only person who might just be a step ahead of Lindy and sitting right there in plain sight? BUT, and this is an "Anaconda"-sized "but," George would have to be working with someone, because there's no way he could pick Lindy up at that flower club that Sophia owns and kill Peter all at once. I don't think...


I like Connor, so I don't want to believe that he is the killer, but isn't it always the ones you like the most that end up hurting you on these types of television shows? He had something against Lindy in the beginning of the first episode, but we never were really clued in as to why they don't get along. He was also unaccounted for during the killing in the park, and was nearby the entire time.


A quick refresher: Jake was the lawyer that Lindy met at the club the first night on Flirtual. That's slightly suspicious, but let's chalk it up to coincidence. If he frequents the club often, there's a very good chance he could have been there to kill Peter. Poor Peter. Jake is going to be around for a while, so his chances could get stronger and stronger as the same happens for his and Lindy's bond.

"Flirtual" Date

For all we know, Lindy could have been getting drinks with the stalker all along, which is unsettling and frustrating, because there were a lot of potential "Flirtual" dates that Lindy swiped through. One person we know it isn't? Peter, the poor guy that was found dead in the park, with the cell phone in his mouth. Tough luck, man.

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