Neiman Marcus Now Has Smart Mirrors

As tech and fashion brands are working diligently in there labs and ateliers to make wearable tech the new thing, it appears that stores are next in line. Although self-checkout lanes are still the most necessary and appreciated innovation since sliced bread, as well as price check scanners, stores are going the extra digital mile. Now, Neiman Marcus is giving smart mirrors a try, making trying on clothes in the dressing room something to look forward to instead of loathe.

The Memomi mirrors are installed at the luxury store's San Francisco locations and come with a wealth of features. According to Racked, shoppers can record 7-second videos of themselves and sync them to their mobile device, digitally change the color of clothes, and even place the videos side by side to compare which pair of jeans really do make your butt look big. In true luxurious fashion, Neiman Marcus reportedly holds the rights to their particular set of mirrors; although plenty other stores house similar mirrors with differing features.

The department store is joining the growing list of stores who are leading the digital forefront.

Rebecca Minkoff New York and San Francisco stores are powered by eBay featuring smart mirrors that allow you to request a different size or color and even receive text messages when fitting rooms become available. Top brands are interested in talking mannequins. There are smart clothes that help you out when you're drunk and dresses that imitate insects and protects your personal space. Nevertheless, even among all of the innovation, we still don't have what we really, really want (i.e. a fitting room that with varying temperature changes, anyone?)

While we are continually fascinated with the tech x fashion collaborations that roll out more by the second more than by day, we should be fascinated by the fact that AT&T predicted all of this in the 90s.

Images: Getty Images (1); AdamMcbride/YouTube; Memomi Labs Inc/Vimeo