Bill Cosby Lawyer Says The Star Wasn't In L.A. For Playboy Mansion Assault On Chloe Goins


In the much talked about LAPD case against Bill Cosby, he could actually face legal action for allegedly assaulting model Chloe Goins when she was 18 in 2008 at a Playboy Mansion party. However, Bill Cosby's lawyer wants it to be known that Cosby wasn't even in L.A. at the time of the alleged incident. Marty Singer, who has been representing Cosby throughout the onslaught of accusations, made a statement about the incident which he hopes will absolve Cosby of suspicion.

Chloe Goins originally spoke out in December to The Daily Mail after seeing 20 other women come forward with similar stories. Goins says she doesn't think she was raped, but suspects she was drugged and assaulted. Goins recalls that after finishing a drink Cosby brought her, "everything kind of went a little foggy, I started feeling sick to my stomach, and just dizzy," she said.

Goins recalls that Hugh Hefner noticed she looked unwell and offered her a room to rest in. Cosby jumped at the chance to show her the way and the next thing Goins remembers was waking up naked with Cosby.

Goins hadn't originally come forward out of fear that it would ruin her chances of having a modeling career. "Bill Cosby was on TV and had a family man image, I thought to hurt that, he would come after me, try to ruin me," she told The Daily Mail.

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But after seeing so many other women speak up and be unable to get justice because of the statute of limitations on those decade old cases, Goins decided to tell her story.

Cosby and his lawyer have yet to come forward with definitive proof that he wasn't in Los Angeles at the time of the party, something Goins' lawyer Spencer Kuvin is demanding.

This case is very important as it's the only one with which the statute of limitations allows for Cosby to possibly face legal action. Cosby has maintained his innocence even in the wake of over 30 women coming forward. With criminal charges possible, I have no doubt that this case will get very messy before anything is worked out. We'll just have to wait to see if he does have proof he wasn't at the Playboy Mansion — and if he doesn't have proof, what his next move will be.

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