Napcab Airport Nap Pods Mean You Never Have To Sleep On Those Uncomfortable Airport Chairs Ever Again

If you’ve traveled by plane, chances are you’ve experienced that quintessential airport moment when — after hours of flight delays, heavy luggage, and at least one switch in gate numbers — all you want to do is curl up and take a nap. Enter these Napcab airport nap pods, the latest sleeping option for tired travelers desperately looking for a place to get some rest and gain back a little sanity. No more cuddling up on the gross floor or attempting to find a comfortable position on your chair!

Currently being tested out at Munich Airport, the mini “sleeping cabins” are located right in the middle of the terminal and are decked out with a bed, a small workspace, and storage for your luggage. Each one also comes fully equipped with Internet access, an iPod dock, an alarm clock, and bed linens. Worried about potential hygienic issues? According to the Napcab website, a cleaning staff is automatically notified to tidy up the cabin and to make the bed with fresh sheets after each use. Sounds awesome, right?

So how exactly do you get to enter this little slice of heaven? To use one, all users have to do is pay a fee — about $12 to $18 per hour, with a $35 minimum — with a credit card.

Unfortunately, Napcabs are only available in Munich Airport as of now, so we’ll have to keep wishing for the day they finally come stateside. With nap pods becoming increasingly popular in international airports (Japan, London, and Dubai have them too), hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the trend to come overseas.

Images: nicksherman, Geoff Dude/Flickr