17 Valentine's Day Cards That Perfectly Sum Up All Your Thoughts About Love & Everything Else This Holiday Is About

While letter writing may feel like an ancient and obsolete art, if there is ever a day for snail mail, it's February 14th. Valentine's Day cards are among the most romantic in the world. These 17 cards are uniquely cute and sweet, perfect for popping in the mailbox, taping to the classic box of chocolates, or for just sending the random "I love you" reminder.

Hearts Doll With Personalized Message

This hearts doll comes with a personalized message of your choice, and a whole bunch of love.

Paper Hearts Doll, $20,

Lucky 7 Card

Does she love me? This Lucky 7 card can predict the future, and express all the feels.

Lucky 7 card, $11.70,

Hot Yoga

Now that's REAL love.

Image: PumpUp

Bandit Card

Beware of the heart bandit!

Bandit card, $4.50,

You Have My Heart

This heart-shaped card is as beautiful as the message itself.

Have My Heart card, $4.50,

Hot Stuff

Honestly, you had me at Sriracha.

Image: PumpUp

Lie In Bed

Let your SO know there aren’t a lot of people you’d not look at your phone for.

Lie In Bed card, $4.50,

Stupid Face

Your stupid face should send this stupid card.

Stupid Face card, $4.50,

Like You, Like You

Let your feelings be known with this card.

Like You, Like You card, $4.50,

Yoda One For Me

From one nerd to another, with love.

Yoda One For Me card, $4.95,

OK So I Love You

OK fine, secret’s out.

Ok So I Love You card, $5,

Real Chemistry

If Bill Nye says so, it must be true.

Real Chemistry card, $3.75,

I've Been In Love With You

This sweet personalized card will showcase the length of your relationship.

I’ve Been in Love with You card, $4,

I Love You More Than Pizza

This is just about the most romantic card you can give.

I Love You More Than Pizza, $4,

Your Butt Is Phenom

Channel your inner Leslie Knope, and let your SO know their butt is great.

Butt Is Phenom card, $4.50,

You Have An Exquisite ___

Fill in this card with any noun of your choosing.

Exquisite Blank card, $4.50,

I Wuff You

Nothing says I love you quite like a dachshund.

I Wuff You card, $4.50,