Why Is Victor Zsasz Returning To 'Gotham'? Falcone's Assassin Must Have A New Target

One of the best episodes of Gotham Season 1 was "Penguin's Umbrella," not just because of the time it spent with breakout character Penguin, but because Jim Gordon finally met his match with supervillain-in-training Victor Zsasz. Now, Gotham is bringing Victor Zsasz back, and mobster Carmine Falcone will need his reliable old workhorse yet again. When he last appeared on the show, Zsasz failed to kill Jim Gordon, mostly because he's basically incorruptible.

But who could Falcone's target be this time around? With the introduction of new characters like Commissioner Loeb and Andrew Flass, who in the comics are corrupt cops in Falcone's pocket, it sounds like Falcone won't be having any problems with the Gotham City Police Department anymore. And there's no reason why his new girlfriend, Liza (it's been a while since we've seen anything from her, huh?) would need to be assassinated by Zsasz — she's just a singer off of the street, not a trained soldier and police officer.

Besides, Falcone only used Zsasz on Gordon because he'd observed that Jim couldn't be bought and sold, his preferred method of controlling troublesome individuals. So whoever he's trying to kill must either be someone who can't be bribed because they're too morally pure, like Gordon, someone who'd cost way too much, or someone whose motives are too personal to want money from Falcone. That leaves a few characters who could end up in Zsasz's crosshairs.

Fish Mooney

This makes a lot of sense. Fish has been Falcone's right-hand man forever, but now she's plotting to kill him and take over his criminal empire. The synopsis for this episode says that Fish will make her big move to take over the Falcone family, so when forced to defend himself, Carmine might call up Zsasz to take care of his Fish problem.


While Penguin is on the surface working for Maroni, we know that he's actually devoting his loyalty to Falcone and the whole assassination attempt was a failure. But no one knows about this, so Falcone can't send his normal goons after Cobblepot unless he wants Maroni to find out.


While Falcone has been trying to work on keeping things under control at home, Maroni is still trying to take over Gotham City. He's made inroads into politics, he has some control over the cops (he was able to bust Penguin out of jail with no problem), and he's trying to raise money with his front businesses. If Falcone was able to assassinate Maroni, he'd be able to position Penguin, his secret ally, as the heir to the Maroni family, doubling Falcone's reach just as Fish is trying to dethrone him.

Will Falcone succeed? Probably not, because Maroni is a well-known comics character. But so is Zsasz, so we'll see what happens on Monday's episode.

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