'Vanderpump' Clip Has Vail & Peter Date, But Are These Two a Good Match? — EXCLUSIVE

Not dating a coworker might be one of Lisa Vanderpump's rules at SUR, but so far, no one has really taken to that suggestion. On Monday's episode of Vanderpump Rules , Vail and Peter go on a date, making this — what I believe to be — the sixth internal staff coupling the show has featured alone (that's not counting all of the dating that goes on behind the scenes). In an exclusive video, Vail recaps how her accidental date went with Peter (manager at SUR, and until now, otherwise normal guy), so is this duo a match made in heaven, or should they have taken the advice of Lisa and stayed away from each other?

Before the date, I would say that Vail and Peter could have made a good couple. Peter seems to be hardworking, BS-less, honest, and cool. Vail seems to share similar qualities, so I'm thinking these two are perfect, right? Wrong. First of all, the night, which is supposed to be a coffee "meeting," turns into a bottle of Malbec date. Usually, that sounds fun, but Vail wasn't feeling it (since she thought there was nothing romantic about it until, well, there was), and all Peter felt was his eyes drying out since he was probably gawking at Vail from across the table and wondering if Jax was going to pummel him or not. Charming.

In the video below, Vail recaps the date for Katie at work, and Katie seems to think that it's par for the course — after all, everyone dates everyone at SUR. It's kind of the hallmark of this whole crazy experience.

Vail, on the other hand, isn't too thrilled about how she got duped into a date — you know, the normal reaction to this sort of thing.

The rest of the drama unfolds Monday night at 9 pm ET on Bravo.