Is Rowena Plotting Against Crowley On 'Supernatural'? Her Motherly Love Might Be A Way Of Taking Over Hell

You know that they say: mother always knows best. However, is that the case with Rowena and Crowley on Supernatural ? As we saw before the show's hiatus, the bewitching Rowena and devilish Crowley reunited and seemed to be getting along, well, their type of getting along. Obviously, the two are still annoying one another, and I have no doubt they both have separate agendas. One is a top-notch witch, while the other is the King of Hell, so who's to say it's all about sunshines and rainbows with these two? No way. Not for a second, if you ask me.

As we previously saw, Rowena lied her way back onto Crowley's good side. What does that mean? Does she really want to bond with her son? Is she really sorry for abandoning him all those years ago? She hasn't said, but I have the suspicion that Rowena has more up her witch-sleeve than wanting to hug her son and go on a family vacation. According to several reports, like this one from TVLine, Rowena will continue to get all up in Crowley's business, which suggests she's totally has her own plan to make herself even more powerful. At least, that's what it seems like to me.

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Her so-called partnership with her son might just be a way for her to weasel her way onto Crowley's throne and become the next King, or should I say Queen, of Hell. We've seen her screw over her son before, so who's to say she won't do it again? Plus, if you check out the above promo for Tuesday's episode, it shows Crowley getting attacked and stabbed. It could either be real or a dream. Oh, and Rowena could easily have something to do with it, if it does turn out to be real.

Can't you see her wanting to become the next big bad of Hell and giving orders to her demons and fellow witches, especially since she was previously cast aside? Also, as much as I love (and I mean love) Crowley, I wouldn't mind seeing a woman in charge.

With that said, there's always a chance the two will team up and became big bad villains, giving the Winchesters and the world a run for their money. Whatever the case, Rowena and Crowley are not to be messed with, and I'm sure their plans and intentions will be revealed soon enough.

Images: Diyah Pera/The CW; dustydreamsanddirtyscars/Tumblr