What to Expect From 'OUAT' Season 3

Among the not-Breaking Bad things that are happening in the pop-culture-'verse tonight: Once Upon a Time 's season 3 is premiering. The show's been uneven but thoroughly enjoyable in the past, and this season will find a whole bunch of the show's A-characters trapped on a boat together with a singular mission: Find Henry before he whines so much that the guys who kidnapped him to Neverland decide to just let the fishes take care of him. Some other things are set to happen as well, which is why Snow White actress' Ginnifer Goodwin's words on what's to come have us curious. Here's some of what she says we should expect:

We Might (Finally) See Some Actual Exploration of the Mother-Daughter Dynamics of Snow and Emma:

Part of the aforementioned unevenness of the past has resulted from the show's overall lack of exploration of some of the most potentially interesting emotional places. One shining example: The dynamics between Emma, Snow, and Charming. Emma was shoved into a hollowed tree as a newborn and sent away from her parents for her own safety, but grew up rough and cynical and assuming abandonment. So why hasn't the show explored more of that dynamic — and how it's changing (or not changing) now that Emma knows the truth — since the revelation at the end of season 1? We've gotten glimpses, little tiny scenes, but not any real arc.

Goodwin has some thoughts on that:

Last season, we felt that the story was so exciting and there was so much adventure that we were distracted from each other and from this relationship. Every time we went to address this dynamic in our past and where we are now, something would interfere -- there would be some obstacle that would keep us from finishing that conversation. And so now that we are stuck together, there is gonna be ample opportunity to really face ourselves, and therefore face each other. I think that given the fact that Emma would clearly have abandonment issues, and that Snow would carry around an immense amount of guilt, there's a lot there to play.

Snow and Regina Will (Of Course) Continue Their Contentious Relationships

"The Evil Queen could've actually killed Snow and has decided not to up to this point. But they do absolutely hate each other; over that tiny little nugget of love, there are layers of hate, so sticking them on a boat together and knowing that they need each other in order to achieve their goal -- which is saving Henry -- is going to lead to chaos."

So basically: A little new, a little same-old-same-old. We're also getting closer proximity to Hook. Also, Ariel!

You can read the rest of the interview over at The Huffington Post.

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