What 'American Horror Story' Season 5 Should Change, And What Should Stay The Same

Wednesday will mark the closing of the fourth season of American Horror Story : Freak Show , and if you're anything like me, this season went way too fast. Season 4 possibly marks the final season for leading lady Jessica Lange, but the final decision has not been announced yet. FX CEO John Landgraf spoke during the TCA press tour about Season 5 of American Horror Story , and said that the show will go through a "large reinvention" between Season 4 and 5, but what does that entail? And more importantly, what will stay the same (like Jessica Lange's presence?).

American Horror Story is famously known for its ever changing plot lines from season to season, and creator Ryan Murphy always adds new cast members, too. Landgraf didn't say what the Season 5 theme would be, but he does know what it will be, saying: "I know what it is, but I can’t [say]. I have to let [series boss] Ryan [Murphy] do his thing on that. But it’s very different."

Hmm... "Very different" definitely leads my mind to wander around in the possibilities Murphy could be exploring. Whatever the differences are, here are the things that should change, and the things that American Horror Story Season 5 should keep the same.

Change: Bring It Back to the Present

So far, the odd seasons of the show have been present day stories, which is something that Landgraf "hopes for." While it doesn't give any huge hints as to what the season could be about, a present day season does eliminate some storylines that are 20th Century (or earlier) specific.

Keep the Same: The Cast

Something that I look forward to in each season is seeing what actor will be playing what character. I love when actors you didn't realize were going to be in the season show up in an obscure way (see Jamie Brewer as Neil Patrick Harris' crazy marionette doll). The troupe of actors that Ryan Murphy has on call for this show is what brings people back, so don't lose any of them (Jessica Lange), please.

Change: The Number of Villains

Here's the thing about some of the seasons of AHS, sometimes there are too many villains per season, which becomes slightly distracting. Something that would really intrigue me for a fifth season is if there was one central villain to be terrified of. That would be something different for the show, and allow me to not have nightmares of a ton of different people during the course of the season.

Keep the Same: Keep it Twisted

No matter what the huge changes are for Season 5, I think we can all agree that as long as this show is creep-tastic, we'll be happy. Ryan Murphy hasn't done us wrong yet, so we should trust in his reinvention direction.

Images: Sam Lothridge/FX; Giphy (4)