'Revenge' Asks 'Who Shot Emily Thorne?'

Let's all take a quick break from our Breaking Bad finale chatter to discuss the return of ABC's Revenge. We left off last season breathing a sigh of relief that the jumbled mess that was season two of the show was finally over (Bye, real Emily, Declan, and the Initiative). This season's premiere set us up with the biggest shocker yet in the first three minutes... Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) will get shot on her wedding day (on 8/8). But by who? Here's our theories (in no particular order) of who pulled the trigger:

Victoria Grayson

Emily's skirted the line and found herself in tricky situations that almost revealed her true identity before with the Grayson matriarch (Madeleine Stowe). Thus, Victoria has plenty of reasons to shoot Emily, starting with the fact that she could possibly have found out that she's only marrying her son, Daniel (Josh Bowman), because it's the final stage of her plan to take down their family. Emily's also poisoned her husband and managed to turn both of her children against her. Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned...

Aiden Mathis

Emily's history with Aiden (Barry Sloane) is rocky and complicated at best. His return to the Hamptons in this season's premiere after exiting the revenge plan at the end of last season can't bode well. Unless he's back in on the plan. Emily and Aiden were romantically involved during their training with Takeda way back when and when he arrived in the Hamptons last season, his role was to aid Emily in carrying out her revenge scheme on the orders of their former teacher. Of course, even though Emily didn't trust him, she and Aiden entered a relationship last season to make Daniel jealous blah blah blah. In the premiere he tells Victoria he's there to "take down the girl nextdoor", a goal that Victoria apparently shares. He could be there to spy on Victoria, to gain her trust and thwart her from getting to Emily, which would mean he and Emily would have collaborated and planned a mock-shooting to maybe throw everyone off so she can run off with Jack and be happy? OR he could be there on his own agenda, hence our thoughts that he could be the one behind the smoking gun. Again, hell hath no fury...

Daniel Grayson

Another one of Emily's ex-lovers turned current lover? Or would it be more correct to call him an ex-fiancé turned current fiancé? Emily and Daniel have been back and forth since day one and we know it's not true love this time either because Emily loves Jack and Aiden and as VanCamp said in a recent interview with On The Red Carpet, "I don't think there's room for anymore true loves." We also know that Daniel has a violent enough streak to pull a trigger. So maybe he found out that Emily wasn't really marrying him for love or that she's really Amanda Clarke and in a fit of rage decided that shooting her twice and allowing her to fall overboard is the answer to his troubles with love.

Ashley Davenport

We already know that Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) won't appear again for the rest of the season (Emily forced her out of the Hamptons by setting her up as the media's source for info on Conrad's new-found disease). But Ashley's been an unsuspecting pawn in Emily's plans since Emily found her during a Takeda mission attempting to find work as a prostitute. Ashley does have a motive and we know she's diabolical enough to do just about anything to climb the social ladder. She wasn't sent off in a body bag for a reason, maybe that reason is because she's coming back to make an attempt on Emily's life.

Charlotte Grayson

Charlotte's (Christa B. Allen) been dealt the shittiest of shitty cards the past two seasons. Honestly, I feel really bad for Charlotte. She's not Conrad's daughter, she thinks she lost her biological sister, she lost her boyfriend (RIP Erik Van der Woodsen) and she's was/is pregnant (?). The youngest Grayson also came off seriously venemous in the premiere episode, threatening to ruin her newly discovered brother (?) if having Victoria in his life doesn't ruin him first. Imagine if she finds out that Emily's been lying to her the whole time and she's actually her biological sister? This girl is one suprise away from going off the deep end.

Everyone's a suspect on Revenge, as we're all already aware. And plenty of people could benefit from Emily drowning off the coast of Long Island. Conrad was left off of this list based solely on the fact that he's been diagnosed with Huntington's Disease and that's going to do enough for his storyline this season. Also, Nolan would never go for the idea of shooting his BFF at her request. So we can only wonder... Who shot Emily Thorne?