12 Easy Meals To Make When You're Cooking For One Person

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As the very wise Anna Kendrick once tweeted, “Cooking for one sucks because no matter how I portion it I seem to end up wasting food. Also loneliness." Just like with so much else, she basically hit the nail on the head.

If you're a single girl eating on your own most nights, then you already know that the struggle is real. Finding recipes that only make one serving is difficult, especially if you’re looking for healthy recipes. Making a six-serving recipe into a single-serving recipe is hard, because math is annoying. And just giving up and making a recipe that would serve an entire family either means leftovers you’ll probably forget about, or you eating way too large of a portion size.

So, you probably end up ordering out most nights, wasting your money on food that isn't even that great for you. Hopefully after you look through these healthy single-serving meals, your life will change. That’s our goal, anyway.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen

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