Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch Gives Mom Football

OK, you'll have to forgive me and my emotions. As a diehard Seahawks fan who sat through the entire, harrowing affair that was the NFC Championship game against the Packers last night, I am justifiably on edge today. Not only am I so smug about the Seahawks' win that there isn't enough stability on this couch I'm sitting on to support my smugness, but my heart is basically about to burst after seeing this video of Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch handing his mother the game-changing football after he made the touchdown that gave the Seahawks their last-second lead.

Right about this point in the game, I was legitimately, actually crying, and my whole family had gone certifiably postal: I'd given up cheese to protest the Packers (god help me), my mom dressed up our Shih Tzus in Seahawks gear, all of my siblings were screaming, and my poor father was funneling Marshawn Lynch's prized Skittles into his mouth. But although it seemed like all our hard work paid off when Marshawn Lynch made that touchdown and turned around an otherwise bleak game, the true reward was watching Momma Lynch literally rip herself out of her rain gear to dance while Marshawn ran up and handed her that football. (You will notice that she has the slightest bit of trouble taking it because her hands were also full of Skittles, Marshawn's famed favorite snack. Could this BE ANY CUTER?!)

In case you weren't watching last night (what is your life?), this touchdown put the score to 20-19 with the Seahawks in the lead. And even though the game tied up after that, the Seahawks finally took the win several minutes into overtime. (No, I'll probably never be OK again, thanks for asking, though.)

BEAST MODE just became SWEET MODE. Here's the raw footage of him passing over the football—see y'all at the Super Bowl: