Are Tom & Lucy Going To Get Together On 'Parks And Rec' Season 7? She's Working For Him Now, So Sparks May Fly

A lot has changed in the three years that have passed since our last glimpse into Pawnee. Most importantly, Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson are enemies. Then of course there's the possibly romantic development that happened in the season premiere of Parks and Recreation : Tom Haverford reconnected with Lucy, his ex-girlfriend from Seasons 2 and 3. After a night of drinking and Facebooking (or Gryzzling), Tom woke up with Andy in a cab in Chicago, where Lucy was living and working. They ended up meeting her and spending the day with her. However, at the end of the day, Tom offered her a job in Pawnee instead of asking her out. This turned out to be not the worst move in the book, as Lucy already has a boyfriend. She took the job, and Andy predicted at the end of the episode that the two of them were "totally going to fall in love." Does that mean Tom will have the next Parks and Rec wedding?

We still need an explanation for the very formal outfit Amy Poehler was spotted wearing on set, and an upcoming wedding would make a lot of sense. Sure, Tatiana Maslany's guest appearance as a love interest for Tom was pretty epic, and it would be cool if his ex-wife Wendy turned up for the final season. However, I think that Tom and Lucy are endgame for Parks and Rec.

Their Story

Tom met Lucy when she was working as a bartender at the now infamous Snakehole Lounge at the end of Season 2. Tom came by the next morning to pay his bill after buying drinks for every woman in the bar. He and Lucy hit it off with some sober bantering, and the two started dating shortly after. However, when Wendy started dating Ron Swanson, Tom got increasingly jealous and Lucy broke up with him because he clearly wasn't over his ex-wife, even though they only got married so Wendy could get a green card. Later, Lucy went to grad school in Bloomington, Ind. and (as we learned last week) moved to Chicago.

They're Super Cute

This is one of my favorite Tom Haverford scenes ever on Parks and Recreation. It's in Season 4, just after Lucy gave him a goodbye kiss at the "End of the World" party. Tom turns to the camera, which is rare on the show unless it's a confessional, and asks the audience if we saw that. It was a genuine moment, which Tom tries to hide whenever possible. This proves to me that the two of them were meant to be. Lucy hadn't even been on Parks and Rec for a while, so that shows this couple has staying power.

Andy's Already A Kind Of Amazing Matchmaker

Remember the delightful will they/won't they angst that was Ben and Leslie in Parks and Rec Season 3? Do you not, like me, binge those episodes more often than you'd care to admit in order to feel all the feels? Anyway, Andy had a part to play in their relationship as well. In the episode "Jerry's Painting," Ben finally spoke his feelings out loud to Andy. Right then and there, Andy predicted that Ben and Leslie would end up married.

I'm just saying, Burt Macklin is kind of the "wise fool" on Parks and Rec. If he says something's going to happen between Tom and Lucy, I would take his word for it.

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