Who Is Stephanie Allynne? Tig Notaro’s Fiancee Is A Big Name In The Comedy World, Too

Looks like this comedian has found herself an eternal scene partner for this crazy improv show we call life. Stand-up powerhouse Tig Notaro is engaged to Stephanie Allynne, and I'm just guessing now that I'll be experiencing major FOMO over this wedding. Who is Stephanie Allynne, you ask? She's veteran of the underground comedy scene with some serious chops for making people laugh.

Allynne, a seasoned comedian, improviser, sketch performer, writer, and actress, met Notaro on the set of In a World according to Us Weekly. A few weeks back, Notaro announced their engagement in a Facebook post, saying, "I have been officially engaged for 53 minutes and so far things are going pretty great." Given the date of the post, Jan. 1, it looks like one of these ladies may have proposed on New Year's Eve.

Notaro's heart-wrenchingly funny set about her breast cancer diagnosis went viral a few years back, and since then, she's been nominated for a Grammy, starred in the documentary Knock Knock, It's Tig Notaro which will air on Showtime this April, and landed her own HBO stand-up special.

Allynne herself has done some seriously impressive things on the underground comedy circuit. She's a member of a few of the UCB LA house teams and currently performs with ASSSSSCAT, Wild Horses, and Last Day of School. Touring with the Bob Odenkirk and David Cross on their Mr. Show tour, Drew Carey, and The Midnight Show are just some of the numerous comedy achievements that this lady has under her belt. Furthermore, she's appeared on numerous episodes of various comedy shows including Comedy Bang Bang, 2 Broke Girls, The Mindy Project, Key & Peele, Maron, and Kroll Show just to name a few. Check out this sketch Allynne wrote and starred in that reimagines Seinfeld as a CW soap.

Wild Horses, one of the teams that Allynne performs with, made the following sketch about lady cops on a stake out. You may recognize her partner as Orange is the New Black's Lauren Lapkus.

Here she is, feeling some serious feelings, about the opening of In a World, in which she plays Nancy.

Congratulations, ladies! I'm free for some third-wheel hangouts at any time.