‘Pets: Wild At Heart’ Explains How This Adorable Hamster Eats, But More Importantly There’s An Adorable Hamster Eating — VIDEO

If you're like any sensible human being, and thus enjoy videos of tiny hamsters eating tiny meals, you've probably wondered: where do they find all that room in their mouth to store their little hamster food? Well, good news! Thanks to a new video, we now we know all about their magical cheek pouches, using an x-ray machine, and the new BBC One project, Pets: Wild At Heart.

Pets: Wild At Heart is a two-part documentary (narrated by David Tennant) that seeks out innovative ways to explain your pet's weird behavior. Have you ever wondered why your hamster runs on its wheel ceaselessly? Or why your cat claws on furniture? (The reason is a lot better than just "Mittens is a jerk.") Well, Pets: Wild At Heart examines that "why," answering your common questions about your favorite fur and feathered friends. The first part focuses on the more playful aspects behind a pet, and the second focuses on their secret tricks (food-stuffing abilities, etc.)

If you want to catch the documentary in full, the first part will air this Wednesday, January 21, and the second part will be broadcast the following Wednesday, January 28. This video of an adorable hamster stuffing its face, with the mechanics explained by the 10th Doctor (Who?), should satiate you until then. Check it out below.

BBC on YouTube

Image: YouTube/BBC One