Are 'The Originals' Hayley & Elijah Dunzo? Plus 4 Other Teasers to Quench Your Supernatural Thirst

The weather outside may be below freezing these days, but that didn't stop things from seriously heating up on The Originals thanks to Hayley and Elijah's steamy sex scene during the show's winter finale. (Show of hands for all those who have watched that passionate little exchange on repeat these past few weeks. I know it's not just me.) So if there was ever any doubt about the chemistry between these two, I'd say this moment sufficiently nipped (or should it be bit?) that in bud. But where does that leave the star-crossed lovers now? Because as enjoyable as this romantic rendezvous was, their obstacle remains the same. Hayley still plans on marrying Jackson for the betterment of their pack (allowing them to take on her powers of being able to shift at will). But does that mean Haylijah are done for good? Not necessarily…

During a recently interview with TVLine, creator Julie Plec teased what fate lies in store for this beloved Original pair — like whether or not Hayley actually makes it down that aisle. “There will be some emotional turmoil for Hayley,” Plec hints. “She’ll have to decide: Does she tell Jackson? Does she not tell him? Does she go through with this wedding, even though she’s in love with another man?” Sounds like our girl is having some major doubts about her pending nuptials. Maybe another hot and heavy tryst with Elijah is in order to help her decide? (Please? I'm begging you!)

But that isn't the only hint we've received about the second half of this season, which is now just hours (that's right, hours) away from debuting. Entertainment Weekly also caught up with Plec, EP Michael Narducci, and Yusuf Gatewood, who plays Finn Mikaelson about what horrors lie in store for the French Quarter, which includes a new Big Bad, a potentially dangerous Baby Hope, and Esther's final decision. Sink your teeth into all the details below!

Finn = New Big Bad?

Though he's always been under appreciated and overlooked by his brothers, Klaus and Elijah, it seems Finn will become a huge threat now that he's aligned himself with their father, Mikael. "What [Finn] does next defines him as a threat and a danger,” Narducci reveals. In fact, Plec admits that they've started referring to the next chapter of this season as "the Angry Finn chapter." To the point of where Finn could even potentially murder one of his siblings. "There are situations coming up in the next couple of episodes that will test that greatly,” Gatewood adds. Consider me officially intrigued.

Baby Hope Could Become a Danger

She may look cute and adorable on the outside, but according to Narducci, Hope's unique genetics could make her supernatural skills could prove to be unstoppable… even for Klaus. “She is a little bit vampire, a little bit werewolf, a little bit witch, so what is she capable of and how will that be explored on our show is stuff that we want to play with and you will see some advancement in that plot in these first batch of episodes.” If I were Hayley and Klaus, I'd start reading those parenting books ASAP.

Esther Will Choose… Immortality?

Last we saw, Klaus left his mother in quite the predicament: she could either allow herself to die or drink blood and become the one thing she hates the most: a vampire. And given that this decision will be what launches "Angry Finn" into high gear, I'm guessing she's going to end up choosing the latter. “We make it very clear the choice that Esther made and Finn’s feelings about it,” Plec teases. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just feel like he would much rather see his mother dead than un-dead, especially since it would've been her own decision to make the transition. (Talk about your double standard!) Sometimes mother doesn't always know best…

Rebekah Studies Humanity: 101

Now that she's stuck in a witch prison, a Claire Holt-less Rebekah will learn to get reacquainted with her mortality now that she's once again human. But it will prove to be a lot more difficult than she ever predicted. "It’s more about her getting used to her human body,” Plec explains. “There’s a great moment where she goes to take a bite out of one of the guards and then is like, ‘Ew, nasty!’ The blood is disgusting.” And without the power to automatically heal herself, fans can expect the youngest Mikaelson to endure quite a few injuries in the near future. “For the first time in her life, she’s getting her butt physically kicked," Narducci reveals. "And what I love about her is she still gets up and keeps fighting. That’s the Rebekah I know: Never gives up, always a pain in the ass, fighting no matter what.” We wouldn't want her any other way.

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