@ArtlexaChung Instagram Pairs Alexa Chung Pictures with Classic Art — and the Resemblance is Strangely Uncanny

Alexa Chung may be one of fashion's biggest it girls today, but her style is truly one that trascends the years. Don't believe me? Check out the Instagram account @ArtlexaChung, an spotlight on Chung's resemblance to modern and classical works of art. And strangely enough, the likeness is often times uncanny.

@ArtlexaChung is run by sisters, Beatriz and Maria Valdovin, from Zaragoza, Spain. The idea for the quirky account started when they became inspired by accounts such as @copylab and @flyartproducts, who turn classical art into memes. Since both sisters count the British model as one of their muses, they decided to pair shots of Chung alongside classic paintings, some dating as far back as the 1600's. So how do they pick which images to pair?

"Sometimes the inspiration is in the painting: We see a masterpiece of Goya, Magritte, Modigliani, or Bouguereau and then we find a pose, a gesture, a piece of clothing, a hairstyle, or a landscape that reminds us of Alexa's pictures. Other times, it's the other way 'round: Her photos remind us of art," Beatriz said.

And their unique venture has paid off, because surprisingly enough, Alexa herself was their first follower, even re-gramming one of their posts.

A model's reputation may rest on how many Vogue spreads she gets, which runway shows she books, or whether or not she gets her Victoria's Secret angel wings, but I think bearing a likeness to a Goya painting should earn some serious resume creds. I mean, those were the original editorials, after all.

Images: Getty Images; artlexachung/Instagram