Will Arnett Is Returning to Netflix So Plan Your Streaming Sessions Accordingly

Just in case you needed another reason to binge-watch TV, Netflix has given a series order to Will Arnett's new comedy Flaked , The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reveals. Set in Venice, Calif., the eight-episode sitcom, which is slated to debut in 2016, will center around the character, Chip (played by Arnett) — a self-appointed “guru," who unintentionally falls for his best friend’s crush. (So you know that's going to go over well.) Suffice to say, these romantic notions create quite the upset in his life and hilarious hijinks ensue. And notice that I use the word "hilarious" because that's what this series is bound to produce given that Arnett is not only the main character, but also just so happened to co-write the series with Mark Chappell. So you know it's gotta be laugh out loud material. These are simple facts, people.

Of course, Arnett is no stranger to the Netflix crowd given his memorable portrayal of Gob Bluth in Arrested Development, not to mention his amazing vocal talents in BoJack Horseman . “We are thrilled to be the home of Will Arnett’s next series, and look forward to Chip joining his repertoire alongside such diverse and inspirational characters such as Gob, Bojack, and Batman,” Netflix VP Cindy Holland said in a statement. Clearly, this streaming service knows great comedy when they see it and loves Arnett just as much as we do.

So what is it about Arnett that makes him able to spin every Netflix series into comedic gold? Well, I'm so glad you asked…

He Has Amazing Work Ethic

When it comes to hard work and dedication, he's your guy.

His Attention to Detail Knows No Bounds

As in, he knows it's bound to happen eventually.

He Knows How To Make Use of His Surroundings

It's all about the props, people.

Some Would Say He's Downright Magical


His Raw Emotions Are Legendary

When Arnett cries, the world cries with him.

As Are His Words of Wisdom

Hard to argue with that.

But He's Still Big Enough to Recognize His Own Faults

We love you, Arnett. Never change!

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