Will Desiree Hartsock's Wedding Be On TV? Things Don't Look Good, But Here Are 6 Reasons Why It Should Be

Are we going to have another reality TV wedding on our hands? Now that Bachelorette stars Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried are married, it's only natural to wonder if their wedding will be broadcast on TV. I mean, that pretty much comes with the territory of reality television, especially when it comes to ABC's rose-colored dating show, right? Dedicated viewers stick with the show to see if anyone actually ends up together, and these two are in the rare category of Bachelor/Bachelorette stars who did fall in love and followed through by tying the knot.

But as for a Bachelorette TV wedding, nothing has been confirmed, denied, or announced, yet. However, that doesn't mean we should discount it altogether, even if there are reports saying it won't happen.

Back in October 2013, Life & Style reported Hartsock's TV wedding would be postponed because of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici who set their TV wedding date before Hartsock and Siegfried. An insider told the mag,

Desiree wasn’t originally on board with the idea of having a TV wedding, but after she thought about it, she realized that this was the perfect opportunity to launch her dream career as a bridal designer. What’s frustrating is that Sean and Catherine are also having one, so that means ABC will want to space them out.

OK. So what's the big deal? Well, at that time, apparently, Hartsock wanted to get married in the summer, but ABC said that wasn't the best time for ratings. Reportedly, Hartsock said she would get married whenever just to marry Siegfried, and also to "take advantage of having a TV wedding." The source also said,

She thinks it will be a great way to get her enough press to make a name for herself in bridal fashion once everyone sees how great of a designer she is.

If that isn't enough, per Radar Online, ABC sees Hartsock as "boring," so there's no way they'd want to air her wedding. If true, that's harsh. Another sign that Hartsock and Siegfried's wedding won't be televised is that some insiders spoke with People wedding and while they noted details like it being a 15-minute church ceremony, there was no mention of cameras.

All I know for sure is that fans of Hartsock's season would want to see her wedding in action. I'm also positive fans want to see Hartsock's dress, their vows, and who all was in attendance. (Supposedly, Hartsock's ex from the show, Brooks Forester was there, along with former contestant Ali Fedotowsky, and the DJ was reportedly Tasos Hernandez from Andi Dorfman's season, which viewers would surely want to see!)

Until any announcement is made, we'll have to imagine what their wedding was like and keep reading details about the nuptials. To hold those fans over until a TV wedding is announced, here are six reasons why the wedding should be broadcast on television.

To See Chris Dance

I'm pretty sure this video says it all.

To See Their Adorableness

To See Them Get Tipsy

And, of course, drink responsibly.

To See If Their Dogs Were In Attendance

To See Them Have Fun

Of Course, To See Them Fall Even More In Love