Diane Keaton's Wardrobe Is A Thing Of Envy

When I think of the powerhouse woman that is Diane Keaton, the soundtrack from Something's Gotta Give plays in my mind, and I envision her with that distinctively sly, knowing smile spread across her face. While she has unquestionably had a career that most women will only dream of, she has also become a style icon stemming from her incomparable closet. DK has made her mark on fashion since her earliest days in films like Annie Hall , in which she effortlessly sported a vest, tie, and khakis. This individual personal style accompanied by her neurotic, quirky charm has made Keaton simply irresistible and unforgettable.

Anyone who has followed her fashion can attest that her style is unparalleled in the industry. She has become famous for her myriad of eccentric suits, funky hats, and of course, the turtleneck (which has, coincidentally, made a fashion comeback). Who can put on a turtleneck and not think of Diane Keaton, though? While formally averse to the idea of heavy fabric wrapped around my neck, after becoming a fan of Ms. Keaton, I threw this notion out the window and became a turtleneck-convert. She is a rare woman in Hollywood who has never conformed to fit in, and this is precisely why we worship her. She's really the woman we all hope to be when we grow up because she's so unabashedly herself. Let's take a look at some wardrobe items we envy that Diane has donned in the past.


Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Would anyone else die for that glass of rosé she's holding too, or is that just me? Those sky high black booties are killing it though. We hope she didn't fall!

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I don't know about y'all, but this floral printed full skirt speaks to my soul. As always, DK looks supremely elegant in that idiosyncratic way that we adore.

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How can a gal truly be living if she doesn't own a pair of cheetah print pumps? That was rhetorical. A little hint of red tells me Keaton is sporting Louboutins, but I'm personally not made of money. If you are, congratulations.

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This white suit as a whole is just a win — it is menswear for women at its best. DK knows how to work a suit like no other, so can we just agree on that now? Cool.

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Rock that leather pencil skirt, girl. Just rock it. And here you thought your homegirl couldn't be cooler. She pulls out the definitive leather pencil skirt.

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So, if we've taken nothing else from this article, we've learned that Diane Keaton likes leather. Boo brings down the house in this sensational black leather mini dress. Pairing it with, oh yes, a turtleneck. Get it, girl.

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Diane is the epitome of quirky class in this A-line plaid midi skirt. Paired with her signature turtleneck to perfection.

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Now, let's all go do our hearts a favor and watch The First Wives Club.

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