'Parenthood's Finale Is Getting a Flash Forward

Only one episode stands between us and the Parenthood series finale, yet I'm still having a hard time trying to wrap my brain around it. What was life like without the Bravermans and how am I possibly going to bid this beloved family farewell? But say goodbye we must, and as hard as the notion is, I can't help but wonder how all of these storylines will play out. (Though I know I'm going to need tissues regardless.) Well, thankfully TVGuide.com received a recent bit of intel straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. The outlet had a chat with Erika Christensen (aka Julia Braverman) who dished on what fans can expect during the drama's upcoming conclusion, which apparently includes a major flash forward sequence.

"I think it will be really satisfying and interesting, because it covers a lot of ground," the actress hints. "We go through three years, I think, of some more family developments... A lot can happen." I'll say! I mean… THREE YEARS? That's a pretty decent jump into the future, which could take these characters' lives in all kinds of different directions. But while Christensen refused to reveal any specifics, I've gone ahead and made a few predictions of my own regarding what could possibly transpire throughout the course of this time hop.

Julia Will Be Pregnant

Now that Joel and Julia are back together again (yay!), how great would it be to see their adorable family continue to grow? It'd be the perfect way to reaffirm that this couple's relationship is more solid than ever before. Plus, you just know Julia would look so cute sporting a baby bump.

Max Will Be Attending His Junior Prom

By my calculations, Max is roughly 14 years old at this point, which would put him around 17 by the end of this flash forward sequence. I'd love to see him get all dressed up and have a date for the big dance. Kristina would be beside herself with joy (and tears), not to mention it would give Adam the opportunity to unleash "The Fever" one last time. God I love this family.

The Luncheonette Is Thriving

Since Adam has now agreed to stick by Crosby in their business together, it'd be nice to see their gamble eventually pay off in the end. I'm not saying I expect to see Beyonce or Taylor Swift jamming out in their studio (though that would be amazing!), but to see that it's up and running with a decent number of clients would truly warm my heart and prove that there's nothing the Braverman brothers can't do.

Sarah and Hank Get Married & Move to San Fran

Sarah has always had such a hard time settling down, so it'd be great to have a little reassurance that this relationship is the one that actually sticks. Perhaps the two of them even move to the city thanks to their booming photography business. They could travel for work and still be together the whole time, giving Sarah that perfect blend of commitment and adventure that she's always craved.

Amber Gives Her Baby a Very Special Name

As far as I know we are still unsure whether or not Amber is having a boy or a girl at this point (correct me if I'm wrong though!). But just picture how sweet/heartbreaking it would be to learn that she had a boy and decided to name him Zeek, after his great-grandfather. Because, let's be honest here, Zeek is definitely not going to make it out of this series alive, so to see his name get passed on to another generation would be the perfect way to come full circle. As one life ends, another begins, and those who leave us are never truly gone. (I'm tearing up just thinking about it.)

Get ready for those waterworks, folks!

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