Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer Is Anything But A Basic Blemish Banisher

There are lots and lots of concealer that are good at hiding breakouts. Others camouflage dark circles or skin sallowness. Some diffuse light. Others are matte and meant only to mask inconsistencies in skintone. Then there is Urban Decay's Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, which, IMHO, is probably the best concealer ever. That's because it does pretty much everything that several concealers on the market do at the same time, with just one $28 tube.

This creamy concealer is light and breathable, but you only need to dab a tiny bit to completely cover zits, dark spots, or whatever else ails your skin. It's not heavy despite being full coverage; in essence, it can effectively mask skin issues without feeling like you are actually, you know, wearing a mask. Seriously, it melts into your face like another layer of skin. Plus, it has a flocked, flexible wand that makes for gentle application on the skin, especially the delicate areas under your eyes and around your lips.

If you need more coverage, well, apply more product, because this one layers really well. Blend, with your fingers or a tool, such as a brush with synthetic fibers (I like MAC's 195) or with the flawless Beauty Blender sponge, to achieve the look you need and desire. This concealer also has good-for-skin stuff, like Japanese green tea, in the recipe.

Luckily, my skin is pretty blemish-free, but I do have this super annoying, dime-sized, slightly dark spot, which is a permanent pigmentation, on my left cheek that drives me nuts. See it in the pic above? It's literally in the center of my check. Right across from my nostril.

I can never get it to fully disappear and it often requires me to put more concealer or foundation on in order to achieve evenness on the rest of my face, all the while "erasing" the spot. I prefer to use dabs of concealer on problems and to finish with light powder instead of liquid foundation, so this spot has created makeup headaches for me. The little mother... you-know-what-er.

With the Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, I can dab, blend, set with a swipe of MAC Studio Fix powder and that sucker is gone, baby, gone.

Say what you will about accepting your skin as it is, I just feel so much better about my complexion when that spot goes buh-bye.

I know the lighting sucks, but my skin looks even and feels smooth and not overly made up thanks to this Urban Decay miracle worker. I know you're already obsessed with the Naked palettes, so this little guy is a great extension of your UD collection.

Images: Urban Decay (1); Amy Sciarretto (4)