Sig Hansen Made Some Sexist Comments

Monday night's brand new episodes of Celebrity Apprentice brought a lot of shock into my apartment. Not only did I want to see more of funny lady Joan Rivers, which I didn't get, but contestant Sig Hansen made a sexist comment that was disrespectful and downright irritating. After hearing that the teams would be selling shoes out of a mobile boutique, here's what the sea vessel captain from Deadliest Catch said,

All our tasks have been so feminine lately, I can't find my penis in the morning.

So, selling womens shoes and decorating a mobile boutique isn't "masculine"? Remember back in the '50s when most shoe sellers were men, and, yes they also sold ladies shoes? Was that not a so-called masculine job, either? Who says selling high heels is only a woman's job? It's for both men and women. I'm not saying a man or a woman has to do that job or like it, but Hansen's remarks were completely unnecessary and setting us back in time. Is he also saying that when a more "manly" challenge comes along, only the men will know how to handle it, while the women should sit back, talk about shoes, and let their male teammates tell them what to do? I don't think so, Hansen. That's not how the 21st century works, and it shouldn't have worked that way back in the day either.

Also, let's reflect on some of the past challenges we've seen so far this season. Each team has made pies, directed commercials, sold wedding dresses, created a magazine spread, and dabbled in healthy frozen meals, all while raising money for important causes. If you ask me, these all sound like jobs, again, for both men and women. Enter the gender stereotype and the equality issue we still face everyday.

Hansen isn't helping with his sexist comments, nor is he helping Celebrity Apprentice better its name. The show already has a bad rap, thanks to its controversial host Donald Trump, and because some of its contestants — like Hansen. So, if I were him, I'd be careful what I'd say from now on, but seeing as the competition was filmed about a year ago, I have a feeling we're going to hear some more "words of wisdom" from him. Maybe he should be more concerned about raising money for charity, rather than what's considered feminine and masculine nowadays.

Images: Patrick Randak/NBC