Who is Stacy Dover on 'State of Affairs?' The Menacing College Girl is just as Evil as you Thought She Was

Charlie Tucker, who has newly gotten her job back, tells president Clayton "The face of terrorism has changed." She's referring, of course, to the ominous blonde gal who we were introduced to earlier on in the season, who we had a sneaking suspicion is a diabolical tech genius that may lead to the downfall of 'Murica. Who is Stacy Dover on State of Affairs ? Turns out, the college girl hacker is Ar Rissalah's most influential henchman and the most dangerous terrorist on the whole dang show.

I'm not sure if I should be congratulating this show for fighting stereotypes, or identifying colleges as hotbeds of treasonous sentiment. All I know is that the WHOLE briefing team is wearing heavy eyeliner this episode, and I love it. Especially the the director of the CIA. He's wearing more kohl on his eyelids than a seventeen year old at a Tool concert.

Furthermore, it looks like Fatah isn't evil at all. WELL, LOOK AT THAT! Personally, I've gotten used to this show making character decisions, then reversing them almost immediately after. I know that he's been the villain for like, the last 4 episodes. Lo and behold, it looks like this whole terrorist syndicate deal was just a big old misunderstanding and he actually came through for Charlie. He and Nick will be eating sub sandwiches side by side by next week.

But more importantly, let's talk about Stacey Dover. We we just give props to the fact that even the CIA scrutinizes Instagram? Ya know, for security purposes? I mean, I'm saying this partially with tongue in cheek, because we all know that the CIA is probably live-tweeting how inaccurate this is as I speak. But I digress. back to Stacy Dover blowing up that house, which we now know is the safe house of CIA director Navarro. While I'm not happy about the blood of innocents being shed, I'm not entirely disappointed about President Clayton's rival getting totally obliterated. HEY, could be worse, right?

Image: Neil Jacobs/NBC