On 'Jane the Virgin,' Is Rafael Attached to Sin Rostro? He Might Be More Familiar With the Criminal than He Thinks

Aside from all the drama that is incorporated into Jane the Virgin , there is the mystery of Sin Rostro. Who is this guy? What is his deal? Is it Jane? Just kidding on that last one, but honestly, I don't know what to believe regarding the man with no face. On Monday's episode, we got a better idea of who *could* be Sin Rostro, and while it's probably not perfect-Rafael, it might be someone close. Hold on to your seat, because we learned that there is a possibility that Sin Rostro is Rafael's dad.

Something shady has been going on with Rafael's dad during this entire season. So far, he's kind of been a useless character — in my opinion — but if he is involved in this Sin Rostro business, his presence would make a lot more sense. On Monday, Rose — Rafael's same age stepmother — overheard Emilio Solano (Rafael's dad) on the phone with some sketchy guy, whispering and talking about $5 million. Look, I think we can all agree that whispering about $5 million is almost always regarding something shady. Rose believes she hears Emilio talking about going to Croatia, a country that we learn — or maybe you already knew — has no extradition laws, so it's basically a fugitive's safe haven.

More so on the Sin Rostro identity front, Michael looked further into the secret tunnel that he and his partner found, and turns out there's been some major medical operations happening in this secret room at the end of the tunnel. Michael has a theory that the room is used to perform dramatic facial reconstructions on criminals so they can escape unnoticed. There's only a few people who would know about this tunnels operations: Rafael, Emilio, and Lachlan (but probably not Lachlan, because he came into the game a little late).

Maybe Emilio is going on a super luxe vacation to Croatia and is going to surprise Rose with it, or maybe he's running from something. Maybe he had no idea that there was a secret tunnel in his hotel, or that his recovery suites were being used to change criminals' faces post doing something illegal (a.k.a., why the Serbian man disappeared — he's got a new face!).

Or maybe this is all just a silly little coincidence. But probably not, right?

Images: Greg Gayne/The CW; janegifs/Tumblr