Could He Be A Serial Killer?

"He's just too perfect to be innocent." That was the thought that went running through my mind about Jake Bolin, one of Lindy's dates and a potential serial killer, in the second episode of MTV's Eye Candy "BRB." Lindy first met the Australian dreamboat in the series premiere when her best friend Sophia dragged her to a club and created a profile for her on the dating web site Flirtual so she could start a new life with a new man, or at least have some casual fun. Jake was instantly the most attractive and well-rounded men Lindy met during her Flirtual free-for-all. But when she realized she was being stalked in person and virtually by one of the men she met on the dating site, and when her ex-boyfriend was murdered by him, anyone was a suspect. Despite having seemingly perfect qualities Jake could be Eye Candy 's stalker/serial killer. Or at the very least, he's more suspicious than he looks.

Go with me here. In real life, there have been killers and criminals that went unnoticed for a long time thanks to seeming normal and put together in their outer lives. Ted Bundy is the most obvious example. But inside any person can lie the darkest of dark ideas and thoughts. Who knows how dark Jake can really get? Plus, he's already shown some signs of creepy tendencies.

In "BRB," Lindy decided that she had to go after her ex-boyfriend Ben's killer by seducing the men she met on Flirtual and trying to determine which one was a psycho stalker/serial killer, but she didn't have much luck. She followed both Jake and another suspect Reese every day and found nothing, unfortunately. So the only logical (in her mind) next step would be to go on dates with both men and track them or see if they slipped up in some way. Lindy and Jake were set to have dinner until he changed the plans on her and showed up to her house in Brooklyn complete with groceries so he could cook dinner instead of going out.

Sounds cute right? It's not as cute when you realize that not only did he not call to change the plans or at least see if Lindy was comfortable with having him over, he also dropped by without her telling him where she lived. That's right, he found out her address some how and just showed up. Luckily Sophia and Connor came home and were able to act as a buffer, but of course they both warmed up to Jake a bit as the night progressed.

By the end of the episode, we learned that the other potential suspect was actually the killer's next victim which left Jake as the only remaining suspect for the time being. I know it seems like now that the suspicion is off Jake, that he'll end up being a good guy and potentially even another victim. But I just don't see him dying yet, and I also don't think we know everything we need to know about Jake just yet. He seems like the only person out of the many guys Lindy knows who could actually capture her attention and maybe even a little affection (though I have a spot in my heart for Detective Tommy Calligan). So if he's potentially the only one who can get Lindy's guard down, doesn't that still make him a threat? I'm not saying he's definitely the killer, but I think it's best we all keep an eye on Jake Bolin. There's something dark going on in that seemingly perfect man.

Images: dyingtoconnect/Tumblr (2)