Who Is The Head Of The NYPD Cyber Crimes Unit On 'Eye Candy'? Sergeant Catherine Shaw Is An Awesome New Female Addition To The Series

Isn't it great to see a woman in charge on television? The new MTV series Eye Candy introduced new character Sergeant Catherine Shaw in the second episode "BRB," as the head of the Cyber Crimes division of the NYPD and boy, was she a breath of fresh air. Despite all of the talk from Detective Tommy Calligan about needing Lindy to stay away from the trying to find the serial killer who is stalking her and killed Ben (RIP!), Shaw wants Lindy in the trenches of the case because she knows they need her help. Shaw understands Lindy's need to protect herself and her need to get justice for Ben, so like a smart leader, she uses this to her advantage. Talk about a breath of fresh air.

Shaw first approached Lindy while waiting for her at a coffee shop Lindy had been frequenting since Ben's death. Why was Lindy going there? To keep an eye on potential suspect Jake Bolin. Instead of warning Lindy to stay away or threatening her with arrest, Shaw used the more tactful approach. She offered Lindy the to find Ben's killer/her stalker by working with the police. But this is Lindy we're talking about, the hacker girl who was once arrested by the NYPD and also hates them for never finding her sister who was kidnapped in front of her, so obviously getting Lindy to help the squad wasn't the easiest job in the world.

So Shaw attempted another technique: Bribery with emotions. The NYPD sergeant told Lindy that if she worked with the police, that she could have all the resources she would need to finally find her kidnapped sister who has been missing for three years. But Lindy wouldn't accept the offer until she found proof via hacking that the NYPD's main suspect's alibi was falsified. Obviously Tommy was not on board with Shaw's decision to hire Lindy and attempted to convince Shaw that Lindy was too unpredictable for the job which made her dangerous and a liability. But Shaw revealed that Lindy's determination reminded her of herself and that Lindy's help would be the only way to catch the psycho.

Shaw, played by Orphan Black alum Melanie Nicholls King, is a recurring character on Eye Candy which means we may not see her in every episode of Season 1. But I certainly hope we get to delve deeper into Shaw's past in the police department and how she ended up as the head of the cyber crimes unit. I also hope she can get more involved in the serial killer/stalker storyline. Maybe she has some hacker skills we and Lindy have yet to accomplish or even see. Maybe she can help Lindy find out what happened to her sister. But in general, let's hope Shaw and Lindy will have many more moments of female empowerment to come.

Images: MTV (screenshot); dyingtoconnect/Tumblr