What Do Tre's Fellow Inmates REALLY Think Of Her?

Have you been wondering how this Real Housewife of New Jersey is getting along with her cell sisters at Danbury? In a slightly surprising turn of events, Teresa Giudice is pretty popular in prison. Even if her fellow inmates are scrambling to be her buddy, what do Giudice's fellow inmates really think of her? I mean, fake friendships are everywhere...

A source on the inside at Danbury told Us Weekly that Giudice is "all anyone is talking about" lately, including the staff. The ladies are reportedly allowed to watch The Real Housewives on the inside, so everyone knows who she is and is trying to get in good with her. "The vultures who want to be her bestie were all over her," the source said. One fellow inmate reportedly asked to be her workout buddy.

In slightly more dubious friendship news, one of Tre's fellow prisoners tried to offer her unsolicited protection which she ignored. Another prisoner reportedly tried to butter her up with a pair of new sneakers and sweats, which Giudice shrugged off in favor of "blending in" with her government-issued duds. The source called that a "smart move," so I'm guessing that her peers are learning that Tre isn't one to be taken advantage of.

However, there are some bullies out there. Some of her contemporaries think she's getting special treatment during meal time. Officials are supposedly "short-lining" her meals and allowing her to eat earlier. As the source says, some inmates have been leaving told tabloids with cover stories about Teresa lying around to taunt her. That can't feel great.

Not to trivialize the gravity of this experience, but this sounds like switching to a new school mid-5th-grade to me. Ya know, when a new girl shows up to a school and everyone desperately attempts to recruit her into their cliques. But as the new girl, you can't help but feel slightly suspicious of the attention.

Overall, the source thinks that Tre is "sweet enough" in her interactions with everyone, and that she seems to be doing "really well" considering the circumstances. Additionally, it was announced earlier on this month that Giudice is expected to be released two months before her 15-month sentence is up. In the mean time, I'm sure she and her workout buddy will form a lasting friendship.

Image: Reality TV Gifs