Evan & Emma Are #RelationshipGoals

There is no couple more adorable than American Horror Story's Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. It's just a fact. The sky is blue, grass is green, and Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are cuter than any of the rest of us can ever hope to be. Since they first announced their engagement, I've been counting down the days to their impending wedding, but right now, it looks like they're taking their time and enjoying being engaged. Not that I blame them, but I'm just super excited to see them tie the knot in what is sure to be the most classy and stylish vintage wedding ever. We probably have a good wait ahead of us, but there is some good news: Roberts and Peters are willing to give us plenty of Instagram cuteness to tide us over 'til then.

Selfies, pics from the AHS set, actual posed pictures — they pretty much provide them all. Despite the fact that they're still young and their relationship has suffered some pretty dramatic (and scary) bumps in the past, it's obvious that they truly love each other, and that fact comes through in their pictures together. And since Tuesday is Peters' birthday — which, of course, Roberts celebrated with a super sweet Instagram pic — it's the perfect time to celebrate the most adorable moments in their social media history.

The pics Roberts shares come in several categories (although the AHS set variety is my favorite). Let's examine, shall we? Prepare to be crazy jealous.

The Kissing Pic

This picture could have very easily been taken in the '90s. Is this from the set of Freaks and Geeks? No, it is not. It is just Peters and Roberts, being adorable in honor of Peters' birthday. And I love it.

The AHS Behind-the-Scenes Pic

I love when Roberts shares pictures from the AHS set, but especially when Peters is involved. Also, I want her hair/makeup/wardrobe from Freak Show, because it's perfect.

The Polaroid Pic

This is so Taylor Swift of them. In case you hadn't noticed, Polaroids are back, and this photo screams old married couple on vacay in the best way possible.

The Bedhead Pic

Because they were obviously cuddling just minutes before this photo was taken. Also, how precious is Peters? My bedhead is not remotely cute, but he is pulling it off.

The Super Glam Pic

Because obvz they're each other's dates to all red carpet events, and they look so good together. Take a moment with me and think about the incredible DNA their future children will be blessed with. It's not fair!