Who Is Ruby Rucker? The 'Love Thy Sister' Star Excels At Pretty Much Everything

Seems like every network is jumping on the reality family game after the incredible success of that little Kardashian clan. You've heard of them, right? WeTV just premiered Love Thy Sister on Jan. 8, a show that follows the funny, smart, and beautiful Rucker sisters from South Carolina. We've already gotten a little background on the family and measured them up against the Kardashians, and although each come from a big family and are filming a reality show, there are a lot of differences. Because the Kardashians have made alliterations the name of their game, I decided to look a little bit into the only alliterative sister. So, who is Ruby Rucker and what does she do?

When Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered, I think the general public gave up on trying to find a reason WHY this random family had a show. They essentially ushered in an era of reality stars being famous because they were just... reality stars. Unlike the Kardashians who began as a young family of a top celebrity lawyer, the Ruckers have been known in their community for their education and philanthropy and as a matter of fact, Ruby Rucker is already a successful lawyer, mother, and now burgeoning reality star.

Ruby Rucker is the fifth of the eight Rucker children, and is the oldest of the sisters that appear on the show. The girls' father was a prominent dentist and their mother, a first grade teacher who then became a full-time homemaker. According to the Ruckers' official website, Ruby was intrigued by the lawyers in her family, an uncle who had his own practice in Philadelphia and her aunt Patricia King, who was the first African American female attorney in Charlotte, N.C. How's that for inspiration?

After graduating with a B.S. from Spelman College and working at a strategic marketing company, Ruby decided to follow her lifelong dream and continued on to law school. Being the ambitious lady she is, Ruby didn't just graduate from law school in 1996, but she went on to get a juris doctorate degree from The University of South Carolina School of Law. In addition to jumping into the strange world of reality television, she recently opened her own law firm with a classmate, Nesmith Rucker LLP.

OK girl, is there anything you don't do? Actually, not really. The sisters have also launched their line of natural hair products, Rucker Roots, and based on her Instagram, Ruby is an active member and supporter of local non-profits in their community. I'll say one thing, although the ladies are just like normal sisters and involved in your typical familial spats, it's nice to see a loving family that is also concerned with honoring their name and inspiring a new wave of reality stars who are not afraid to use their smarts to do it all.