Can You Stream 'The Vampire Diaries' Midseason Premiere... Legally? The Truth Hurts

So you want to watch the Vampire Diaries midseason premiere? OBVIOUSLY, YOU DO. Because, if you're anything like me, you've spent the series' winter hiatus asking yourself when will TVD 's Elena and Damon get back together over and over again to the point where it's driven you mad. Elena was all ready to declare her love for Damon at the end of TVD's midseason finale in December before Kai stepped in — I can't be the only fan who cursed Julie Plec in that moment. They were SO CLOSE and now we have to keep waiting, but at least the wait won't be long. Well, if you have cable — if you don't have cable, the important question here isn't whether or not Delena is endgame but rather, can you stream The Vampire Diaries midseason premiere on Jan. 22?

I'd hate to be the bearer of bad news, TVD fan, but, just like Elena needed to hear the harsh truth about what she did with her memories of Damon, you should know that there isn't a legal live stream for TVD. That's right, The CW doesn't offer a "watch live" option — so you'll just have to watch TVD on demand or online if you can't catch it live at 8pm on Thursday. And while we're on the subject of hard truths, here are some for our favorite supernatural and mortal inhabitants of Mystic Falls. Because new year, new TVD, right? Hopefully.

Caroline — Stefan Will Never Change

Enough, girl. You said your piece and now it's time to just let it go (and move to New Orleans).

Stefan — You Are Kind Of A Jerk

But, after all of this time, I guess you think we should all just accept it? WELL, WE WON'T.

Elena — It's Not Always About You

OK, a lot of the time it's been about you but, right now, it's really not about you.

Damon — Your Relationship Will Never Be The Same

Maybe you and Elena can get back together, but it'll never be the same. Even if Elena gets her memories back, neither of them will be able to forget this painfully frustrating time we've all been stuck in since his return.

Jeremy — You Are Kind Of A Downer

When was the last time Jeremy made anyone feel good about anything? I'll tell you when — NEVER.

Matt — No One Knows How/Why You've Lived This Long

No offense but, CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN???

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