11 Airbnb Rentals That Are So Insanely Cool, You Won't Believe They Actually Exist

The future of fun vacations belongs to Airbnb. There, I said it. With Airbnb's quirky listings of famous and gorgeous hideaways to smaller amazingly designed forts and tree houses, there truly is something for everyone. And I've stumbled upon 11 of the most intriguing listings Airbnb has from around the world. Take a break from whatever you're currently doing and mentally escape. You've earned it.

by Chrissa Hardy

French Castle

Who hasn’t wanted to spend at least one night in a castle, pretending to be a crown and brooch-wearing queen with hundreds of loyal subjects? Well, here’s your chance! This listing is for a room in a castle with one bed, one bath, and dogs are allowed.

Image: Airbnb

Antique Glamping in California

If we got to peek into the current living situation of Phoebe Buffay, I kinda feel like she’d be here. With the brightly colored fixtures and a sign outside that says, “Welcome to the Muffin Mansion,” this is probably the coolest camping experience you will ever have. And for only $65 per night!

Image: Airbnb

1926 Train Caboose in Virginia

Sleeping on a train isn’t usually so much fun, because you’re stuck in a cramped shared space with a bed that’s almost right up against the ceiling. But a full train car all to yourself? Um, yes please.

Image: Airbnb

Desert Geo Dome

This Geo Dome just looks happy. So much so that it deserves its own children’s book series. Located in the California desert, this cozy little space is $125 per night AND has an indoor fireplace.

Image: Airbnb

Cabin on a Private Island in Connecticut

Live like a Real Housewife who chose to go awol on this 5-acre private island in Connecticut. Or you can share the wealth and invite some friends since there are 16 bedrooms for only $210 per night. Either way, you will be in heaven.

Image: Airbnb

Exotic Villa in Bali

Hello, beautiful. This little gem in Bali has tranquil views of nearby rice fields, a pool that doubles as a moat, and are those oversized bean bag chairs? Yes indeed.

Image: Airbnb

1836 Windmill in the U.K.

OK, so you wouldn’t actually stay inside the windmill. I’d imagine that would cause all kinds of zoning issues. But the windmill is attached to a cozy cottage perfect for a romantic getaway for two.

Image: Airbnb

Hobbit Hut in California

This dream spot has a grass roof, two beds and one bath, is $100 per night, and shares land with an animal sanctuary. There’s even a bob cat that you can pet!

Image: Airbnb

Eiffel Tower Houseboat

Staying on any boat is a good time, but when that boat has a view of the Eiffel Tower, you will probably never settle for on-land living ever again.

Image: Airbnb

Boulder House in Yucca Valley

Did the Flintstones live here? Well, no, but you could totally picture it, am I right? It has a kick-ass pool and hot tub, indoor decor that resembles a chic cave, and it blends right in to the surroundings, just in case you’re on the run for a crime you didn’t commit.

Image: Airbnb

Aussie Igloo By the Sea

There are puh-lenty of reasons to explore Australia, and now you can add another to the list. Igloos don’t really make sense in a warmer climate, which is kinda why this one is so so awesome. It’s $80 per night and includes a loft. SIGN. ME. UP.

Image: Airbnb