Is 'Dance Moms' Lawsuit Between Kelly & Abby The First One The Dance Instructor Has Faced? It Probably Won't Be The Last

Lifetime is the network where families can get together to watch wholesome reality TV, right? Well, that might be the case for any family who considers Abby Lee Miller on Dance Moms screaming at young girls and their mothers until one or all of them end up in tears family fun TV. Not only does the cast cry nonstop, but they also fight back. How? Oh, like suing Miller and bringing all kinds of lawsuits against the dance teacher. For example, student Paige Hyland sued Miller for assault in October 2014. Paige's claim read that she believed "she was about to be touched or harmed in an offensive manner" and "feared she would be physically injured because she had observed Miller physically batter other people on the show including physically pushing [her mother] Kelly Hyland's face, pinching another student until she bled and violently grabbing another student by the arm."

Like Paige, Miller took it upon herself to press charges against Kelly, Paige's mom, and had her arrested for assault, after Kelly attacked her. As if that wasn't enough, Kelly also filed a suit against Miller, but in November 2014 the judge sided with Miller.

Remember when dance was all about dancing and having fun? At least that's what my experience was about when I danced growing up. Now, Dance Moms has transformed the talent into something nasty. Based on all of this information, has anyone else ever sued Miller? Has anyone else ever threatened to sue the Pittsburgh-based dance teacher? Well, after some research, I haven't found any other reports where Miller has been sued or where someone has threatened to sue her.

With that said, I wouldn't be surprised if it were to happen again, and more than once, especially by those currently starring on the reality dance show. If you've never watched Dance Moms, it might be hard to understand why these moms and their children want to sue their dance teacher, but let me explain. Miller is abrasive, rude, screams constantly, and has an unhealthy environment for her students. She wants them to be the best and be only winners. If they don't succeed, well, then she punishes them. Maybe it's all for television? I wouldn't be surprised, after all, this is a reality show.

So, if the cast resorts to suing Miller, then why are they still there? Um... for money and to be on TV, of course. Well, at least that's what I assume. After all, Abby Lee Dance Company isn't the only prestigious dance company for talented, ambitious girls.

I don't see any of the moms or students quitting anytime soon. This all means Miller and the moms will continue to act the way that they do and no doubt another lawsuit will pop up — eventually.

Images: Karolina Wojtasik/Lifetime; Giphy (2)