Will The Lazarus Pit Save Oliver On 'Arrow'?

It's usually frowned upon to kill off the main character of a TV show. However, that didn't stop Arrow from apparently killing Oliver Queen, by stabbing through the chest and then sending him careening over a cliff. Oliver may or may not be dead — we still have no idea. There's a high chance he's not dead, but he looks pretty dead. Soooo, how does one come back to life after you've been killed by Ra's al Ghul? Conveniently, if you're DC Comics character, there's a handy dandy rejuvenation spot, the Lazarus Pit. If you're wondering if the Lazarus Pit will be featured on Arrow, there's a high chance it'll make an appearance, especially if we ever want to see Oliver ever again. And believe me, I want to see Oliver again. So does Felicity.Arrow isn't too keen on dropping huge hints about what's coming up in future episodes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm all all about the element of surprise and a sudden twist on my favorite TV show, but when it comes to the life and death of Oliver Queen, I think fans are all pretty invested in that. Arrow's showrunners have to know we're obsessing a lot over Ollie's death, and the idea of the Lazarus Pit has been tossed around enough to make us believe that it's probably going to happen on the show. Or, if you have another brilliant idea as to how to bring Oliver back to the land of the living, please explain.

The folks behind Arrow haven't dropped any clues about the Lazarus Pit and Oliver Queen. But, Stephen Amell may have. First off, Amell is a gentleman and a scholar when it comes to his fans. Every Friday he does a #FanArtFriday on his Facebook, and posts the best art he can find. Well, shortly after Arrow concluded the first half of its third season, and the masses were in "Oliver Queen's dead!" freakout mode, he posted a very basic fan art image with the caption, "we have some clever fans."

Bear in mind, this is strictly fan art from one die-hard Arrow fan. But, everything about the picture encompasses the idea of the Lazarus Pit. It even appears that Oliver is rising out of the Pit, stronger and better than before.

One fan called Amell out on Facebook, asking if he was in fact confirming that the Pit will be used in upcoming episodes. Amell responded with: "Haha. Ya... I'm just giving away spoilers for the show on my page. Have I ever done that? OF COURSE NOT. This is just phenomenal fan art."

Sorry, but you can't throw us that far off the scent, Amell. We know what's going on.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW