A Past 'Little Women: LA' Feud has Resurfaced

Every reality show goes through a "Versus" period, where two stars get in a big enough fight that everyone else in the cast is forced to choose a side. I think Little Women: LA is about to enter its "Terra Jole Vs. Christy McGinity Gibel" period, because in the last few episodes Christy and Terra's feud from Season 1 is back on with a vengeance. Because wow, has Christy made Terra's whole pregnancy about her — and about driving Terra and Traci apart. However, I'm not totally on Terra's side, either. Pregnancy is a time when it's totally OK to be a little self-centered, but you don't have to go up to the one friend who's taking the news really hard and shame her for not being more interested in all the nitty gritty details.

But this new Traci-related fight is only the latest conflict between the two. Back in Season 1, Terra got on Christy's bad side by starting a conflict over her sobriety (Christy is a recovering alcoholic). There are two sides to the story: Terra believed she was keeping Christy honest and confronting her about a serious issue by speaking up about a time she thought Christy admitted to drinking with Todd, her fiance. Christy thought that this was firstly, none of Terra's business, and also, that Terra was totally off-base, claiming she hadn't said that, and was actually talking about a time when she drank after leaving rehab, not after she became truly sober five (then four) years ago. And that's a serious accusation, by the way. Christy recently celebrated five years of sobriety.

They both completely blame the other person and think the other one is a "pathological liar" out to destroy them. And things have already gotten tense between them this season, too, so there's not much hope that they're going to get over this with a hug and an "it's all OK." Because look at their fight from the Jan. 21 episode in the clip below — not pretty.

It's impossible for two divas like these ladies to have a totally drama-free relationship, but I have a little hope that Christy and Terra will be able to work this out, at least to the point of civility. At the very least, I hope that Traci quickly realizes that she doesn't want to be the centerpiece of their disagreement, because it does not seem fun to be caught in the middle.

Image: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime