NKOTB's Jonathan Knight Is Joining Reality TV

Good news 80's and 90's nostalgics everywhere! Remember Jonathan Knight from New Kids On The Block? Well, good news: Jonathan Knight is going to be running The Amazing Race starting Feb. 25 with his boyfriend Harley Rodriguez, and this is pretty amazing — no pun intended — news. NKOTB's Knight, who classified himself to People as the "nervous one," — Rodriguez is the "calm one" — seems to be a bit anxious regarding the competition, so what are his and Rodriguez's chances of being the last team to survive?

On Season 26 of the race around the world, the rules have changed. This time around, there are six existing couples that will race for $1 million, and 5 "blind date" couples that will also compete. Rodriguez and Knight are obviously part of the existing couples group — they've been together for six years — but Knight is already questioning if he is looking forward to spending that amount of time with Rodriguez. That doesn't seem like a solid start to the race, but besides that, what are Knight and Rodriguez's chances of winning the race? Let's examine the odds.

He's Good With Animals

Sometimes on the race, contestants are stuck wrangling pigs, or chasing goats, or something absurd, so Knight's experience with large-bodied animals is a plus.

Judgement: This will help him

He's a Good Runner

If Knight and Rodriguez are neck-in-neck with another couple, you bet Knight is going to be thankful that he's a good runner.

Judgement: This will help him

He's a Traveler

It's the entire premise of the show, so Knight's experience as a traveler — and visiting nations' landmarks — will definitely be a point in his favor.

Judgement: This will help him

He Might Not Love the Travel Accomodations

Maybe this was a one time thing, but if Knight is used to traveling private, he's going to have a rude awakening when he and Rodriguez have to squeeze into the last — and worst — seats on a plane.

Judgement: This will hurt him

He's Used a Map Before

And I'm not talking an iPhone map... I'm talking old fashion paper maps!

Judgement: This will help him

He Might Not Be Able to Handle an Injury

Sometimes the race causes some serious injuries (last season someone seriously hurt their ankle, which led to his elimination).

Judgement: This will hurt him

He Likes His Sleep

If you're running a race around the world, in less than a month, you're going to need to accept that sleep is not a priority.

Judgement: This will hurt him

Overall, it seems like Knight and Rodriguez might have a good chance at going the distance — so corny, I know — during this season's race. And if he turns out to be a really bad contestant, he can just sing a NKOTB song, and all will be forgiven.